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Moving forward on the route of development and innovation with it's experience of over 55 years in the automotive industry since the day it was founded, Karsan with state-of-the-art technology production strength has been one step ahead in the future of mobility with it's vehicles bearing it's own brand since 2018.



The journey of transformation that started with e-JEST and e-ATAK


Only one year after the production of electric e-JEST which 100% electrified the Jest model, Karsan transformed it's Atak vehicle in 8-meter class into an electric model, and attracted interest from all over the world with it's e-ATAK launch.



Every single thing constantly evolves until it reaches it's best form throughout it's life. We continue to strive to be the most innovative, the safest and the best in our evolution journey of over 55 years.

Thanks to the innovative codes in our genes, we always offer the latest technology and we continue to move forward with our technology base that hosts the excitement of entrepreneurship in our spirit. We create solutions not only for the needs of today, but also for the needs of the future. With our desire to carry societies forward, our strong business partners, our cutting-edge designs and technology, and our ground breaking electric and autonomous vehicles, we lead the transformation by covering millions of kilometers all around the world. We reduce our carbon footprint in the nature with our zero emission, 100% intrinsically electric vehicle range, and continue our investment in the future for a quiet and clean driving ideal around the world.

"Electric Evolution", the adventure of Karsan's born electric vehicles, is the journey in which it reinvents itself with the technologies of the future and leads the evolution of the transportation industry by carrying societies forward. As Karsan, we are one step ahead in the future of mobility while leading the evolution of electricity.


Designed to feed the main lines of city transportation, e-Jest can maneuver in narrow streets easily thanks to its compact size. Therefore, it allows a transportation network that can expand and access every point in the city.


Karsan reveals another premiere in its sector and takes you on an exciting journey, introducing the leading technology of new era.


Big cities need lasting energy...
Ultra low consumption, flexible battery options, long range and superior technology. All in born electric e-ATA series. 
Meet the new Karsan e-family and save your energy.

The success of being the segment leader in Europe


Karsan, which designed the driverless version of it's e-ATAK model in 2021, launched it's  new electric bus series e-ATA with 10, 12 and 18 meter lengths in the second half of the year, and became the first and only bus company in Europe to complete it's 100% electric product range from 6 meters to 18 meters. Enhancing it's power with it's environmentalist, innovative and dynamic character, Karsan became the segment leader in Europe with e-JEST model in 2020 and both e-JEST and e-ATAK models in 2021.


Autonomous revolution with Autonomous e-ATAK model
Autonomous revolution with Autonomous e-ATAK model
Karsan travelled with Autonomous e-ATAK at Michigan State University campus and experienced the pride of being the first in the USA in this field, and also made history as the first driverless vehicle by operating and carrying passengers under actual traffic conditions in Europe upon being used in Stavanger, Norway city line. Adding value to the global automotive industry in order to leave a cleaner, sustainable and safe planet for future generations with the transformation it calls e-Volution, Karsan continues to be a part of global development with it's motto "one step ahead in the future of mobility".


What are the prices of Karsan Electric Buses?

You can contact us to get a quote about Karsan Electric Bus prices.

What electric buses does Karsan have?

Karsan's electric bus range starts from 6 meter e-JEST electric minibus up to 18 meter e-ATA electric bus.

How long does it take to charge an electric bus?

You can learn about Karsan electric buses charge durations on each of our buses specifications page.

What is maximum range of Karsan electric buses?

You can learn about our electric buses ranges from their specifications pages.

Ground breaking Karsan energy

With more than 350 electric vehicles, Karsan continues to offer solutions to changing needs of cities all over the world.