Ortaklık Yapısı

Ortaklık Yapısı

Kıraça Holding

Kıraça Holding was established in 1998 under the leadership of İnan Kıraç, prominent name of the Turkish automotive industry, under the title of Kıraça Group Companies.


The founding mission of the Holding is to carry all of its stakeholders and Turkey a step forward by generating profitability and enabling sustainable development through effective business models and innovative products in its fields of activity. In this context, the Holding benefits from its founders’ 50 years of experience in automotive and other industry sectors with its brands in the commercial vehicles, automotive spare parts, sailboat and motor yachts, energy sector, and provides added value to the Turkish economy by generating employment and developing innovative products.


Kıraça Holding, undertaking all its activities with a commitment to human rights, high moral values, professionalism, high quality, responsibility and environmental awareness, implements this mission with an experienced team in its management level.


Suna ve İnan Kıraç Foundation, founded by İnan Kıraç – one of the founders of Kıraça Holding -, Suna Kıraç - his wife - and İpek Kıraç - their daughter -, serves to our country by empowering Turkish culture, art, education and health, and conducts projects with its two prominent institutions, Pera Museum and İstanbul Research Institute.


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