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With new technologies and business models emerging continuously, Karsan adapts its innovative approach to public transport by developing tomorrow’s needs. After starting mass production of two fully electric buses in one year, Karsan continues to shape the transportation of the future. Click to get more information on Autonomous e-Atak.

    Concept V1

    The V1 platform, initially developed in response to New York's Taxi of Tomorrow tender, is also attempting to satisfy a global social demand. After being hailed as New Yorkers' favorite "Taxi of Tomorrow" at its launch, Concept V1 is now promoted as a highly accessible vehicle designed to facilitate and enhance transportation for society's mobility impaired members. to work full speed on the V1, in an effort to complete the project it recently launched to create a local automobile brand.

    Concept V1 offers both commercial and private vehicle models, which include factory-built accessibility features, contemporary designs and ample interior space.


    Concept V1 enables easy boarding for passangers with wheelchairs due to its low-floor structure, wide-angle doors opening at 90 degrees, and a dual-sided, automated ramp that provides direct access into the passanger area from the curb on either side.


    The vehicles are also compatible with alternative powertrain options (gasoline, diesel, EV, CNG) and provide optimum fuel consumption and minimal repair costs.

    Concept V1

    Karsan Sunshine is the perfect solution for transit agencies that are looking for a low cost of ownership, reliable and environmentally friendly bus that provides a safe and comfortable journey for all passengers in a contemporary design.

    Sunshine 40’ CNG Transit bus combines Karsan’s 50 years of bus manufacturing expertise with the demanding specifications of the North American Transit Bus market. The result is a Buy America compliant, Altoona tested, lighter weight, more fuel efficient contemporary transit bus design.


    Distinguishing itself with it's fuel economy, Sunshine is very impressive with its performance as well. With its CNG engine generating up to 280 HP, Sunshine climbs even steepest hills effortlessly.  6 speed Allison automatic transmission enables driver to focus on the road more, while carrying driving comfort to the next level.


      “Karsan was pre-qualified in the US Postal Service’s (USPS) new generation delivery vehicle tender, which it opened on 25 May 2015 placing it among 6 companies to produce prototypes for testing.

      Karsan, which offered a quote for production with Morgan Olson in July 2020, remained in the evaluation stage for five years and the tender was awarded to another bidder in February 2021.”