10 June 2019

The province of Rome will be ordering 227 buses from Industria Italiana Autobus SpA (IIA), in which Karsan is a 28.6% shareholder. The 10-meter and 12-meter diesel and CNG buses ordered by the Rome Municipality will be manufactured by Karsan in their Bursa facility for delivery by the year’s end. The Menarinibus Citymood buses will be serving Rome which receives approximately 7.2 million tourists every year. The Karsan CEO, Okan Baş, stated that with the buses to be delivered in Rome, the total orders Karsan received in 2019 reached 320 units amounting to €61.3 million, and went on “From the commencement of our cooperation with IIA, we will have exported a total of over 1000 units of Menarinibus Citymood buses by the end of this year”. 

Providing modern and catered solutions to mass transport needs for every city, Karsan continues its significant increase in exports helped by its 28.6% shareholding in Industria Italiana Autobus SpA (IIA). The latest fruit of this cooperation has landed Karsan an order of 227 buses for the province of Rome which is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Karsan will be manufacturing these 10-meter and 12-meter buses in its Bursa facilities and will be delivering them by the end of 2019. These Menarinibus Citymood buses will be put into service in Rome which annually hosts approximately 7.2 million tourists every year.

€61.3 million worth of orders in five months!
Baş, in his remarks on the export of the Menarinibus Citymood, reported “The IIA partnership was a crucial move in our strategy to become a global brand. Our increased share in IIA gives us the opportunity to move forward in Europe with stronger and more confident steps. The year 2019 has taken on particular importance in the export of our Menarinibus Citymood buses. With the buses for Rome, we have reached a total order of 320 units of the Menarinibus Citymood, amounting to €61.3 million in the first five months of this year. Moving forward from our cooperation with IIA, our total exports of the Menarinibus Citymood will exceed 1000 units by the end of the year”.


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