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Big cities need lasting energy...
Ultra low consumption, flexible battery options, long range and superior technology. All in born electric e-ATA series. 
Meet the new Karsan e-family and save your energy.

6 Meter6 METER

Designed to feed the main lines of city transportation, 6 meter buses can maneuver in narrow streets easily thanks to its compact size. Therefore, it allows a transportation network that can expand and access every point in the city.

8 Meter8 METER

With its innovating sustainable future mission, Karsan reveals another premiere in its sector and takes you on an exciting journey, introducing the leading technology of new era.

10 Meter10 METER

Today’s cities meet the technology of tomorrow. Considering future generations with its zero emission structure, e-ATA series is ready to serve for a greener world with sustainable energy.

12 Meter12 METER

The e-ATA series make the first impression with its modern design that inspire the future, and continue the impact with ultra low consumption, technological equipment and flexible charging options.

18 Meter18 METER

Completed with e-ATA series, Karsan’s electrical product range meets all the needs of your fleet with different sizes from 6 m to 18 m, and carries cities to a sustainable future.

Futuristic, sharp and dynamic...
These values form the design triangle of e-ATA. Characteristic front design and striking headlights mix perfectly with the texture of the city.

From design to production, e-ATA is formed as an electric bus. Futuristic lines shape the ultimate solution partner of your fleet, providing ultra low energy consumption even with a spacious passenger area, technological equipment and flexible charging options.

e-ATA is promising ultimate comfort with it’s silent electric hub motors and independent front axle, providing both the passengers and the driver a pleasant journey.

The AVAS system, which empowers this quiet ride, also creates an artificial external sound for peripheral awareness offering soft-visibility to impaired people, street animals and pedestrians on the way. Low-floor e-ATA also provides seamless access between its front and back doors, allowing wheelchairs and strollers to get on and off easily.

Offering much stronger performance than diesel, e-ATA defies tough road conditions no matter how steep, narrow or bumpy. Providing 250 kW power and 22.000 Nm torque in 10 and 12 meter sizes and 500 kW power in 18 meter size, e-ATA offers superior traction power with its electric hub motor.

Complete a day on a single charge. Ultra low consumption empowers e-ATA with a range of upto 450 km even in harshest conditions. With multiple battery alternatives, customize e-ATA according to your battery needs.

Tailored to the mobility needs of cities of future, e-ATA considers world resources.  Choose the battery pack your route needs, plug-in or pantograph charging compatible from 7 battery alternatives.
You won’t need to wait for long hours to charge. e-ATA can fully charge in a few hours with DC charging up to 150 kW power.

Thanks to 100% electric structure and the location of the hub motor, e-ATA outreaches diesel bus performance and provides easy maintenance. To offer the maximum quality and durability, cataphoresis and sub-chassis coating is standard in all Karsan buses.


How long does it take to charge an electric bus?

e-ATA's batteries can be charged up to 4 h 10 min with Plug-in DC Charger or with optional Pantograph.

How much does an electric bus cost?

Please contact us to get a price quote.

What is the maximum range of an electric bus in kilometers?

e-ATA range offers unrivaled best in class range of up to 450 km.

What is the motor specifications for the Karsan e-ATA bus?

e-ATA's high performance Hub electric motor provides up to 500 kW power.