Dear Friends, 

Based on my 40-year experience in business, I can say that the young Turkish Republic is rapidly taking its place in the development of world industry.

Thanks to the active entrepreneurship of the Turkish people in recent years, investments have expanded and the private sector has grown. In view of Turkey’s strategic position, having a young and dynamic population is a great advantage. 

From now on, we have to be careful, as we adjust ourselves to the requirements of contemporary society, to refrain from engaging in duplicate investments and to note the deficiencies in the private sector so that we can provide guidance to entrepreneurs to make supplementary investments. Besides making use of the most advanced, state-of-the art technologies, it is important that products are right for Turkey and for the conditions in the country. Furthermore, the capability of the automotive industry to feel stronger and more prepared for the competition in foreign markets is dependent upon the increasing strength of supply industry. 

Indeed, the Kıraça Group has developed and implemented the right model and the right strategy for the automotive sector with Karsan. A new contract model has been created and investments have been designed to be flexible enough to produce every kind of vehicle. Together with my friend and colleague Klod Nahum, we will continue to assume the responsibility of transferring the fruits of our experience and knowledge to our younger colleagues and to the rest of the country, working to carry the models we have designed for the automotive supply industry into other sectors. 

With its geographical location, its flexibility in using technologies, the entrepreneurial spirit of its private sector and the dynamic characteristics of its young population, Turkey presents a significant opportunity for Europe and countries around the world. As I look around me and observe the results of the work we have completed together with my young colleagues at Kıraça, I am happy to see that Turkey is ready to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. 



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