e-ATA 12
e-ATA 12

e-ATA 12 - SPECS

e-ATA 12 Specs Vehicle Type

Vehicle Category & Class
Full Low Floor Electric Bus, M3 Category, Class I, LHD


e-ATA 12 Specs Powertrain System

Drive Type
Hub Electric Motor

Maximum Power (kW)??????

e-ATA 12 Specs Performance & Electric System

Range (km)1

Max. Speed (km/h)

High Voltage Battery (Type - Capacity)2
LFP - Up to 449 kWh

Charging Type
Plug-in DC charger
Pantograph (Optional)

Charging Time3
Up to 3 h 10 min. with Plug-in DC Charger


1Under realistic conditions. Range may change with battery capacity and driving profile
2Different battery packs can be offered.
3With maximum battery capacity

e-ATA 12 Specs Body & Suspension System

Body Type
Carbon Steel: Space Frame Steel Tube Structure

Corrosion Resistance
Cataphoresis & Underbody Coating

Front Axle

Central Axle

Rear Axle
Electric Portal Axle

Door Arrangement
2 or 3 Door Options

275/70 R22.5

Air Suspension, Electronic Leveling, Kneeling Function

Brake System
ABS, ASR, EBS, Regenerative Braking System


e-ATA 12 Specs Weight & Dimensions

Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)
19.000 (19.500 Optional)

Overall Length (mm)

Overall Width (mm)

Overall Height (mm)

e-ATA 12 Specs Seat & Passenger Capacity

Maximum Seat Capacity4
40 Seats

Passenger Capacity5??????

4May change with door arrangement and seat layout
5May change with battery capacity, seat layout, door arrangement, GVW and technical gross axle value depending on country of registration.


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