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  • Citymood 12 Features


S Standard
O Option
Exterior Design 
Day Time Running LampsS
LED Day Time Running LampsO
Front Fog LampS
3rd Stop LampO
Electrical and Heated MirrorsS
4 Sliding Side WindowsS
6 Sliding Side WindowsO
Light tinted color side glassS
Dark tınted color side glassO
Double GlassO
Heated WindshieldO
Twin Sliding Heated Driver's WindowS
Heated Front Door WindowO
Monocolor Led Destination Signs (front + side + rear)S
Full Color Led Destination Signs (front + side + rear)O
Front & Rear 22.5" Steel WheelsS
Wheel CoversO
Standard Body Color : WhiteS
Optional Body Colors: (Opac Colors)O
3 DoorsS
2 Doors AvailabilityO
Interior Design 
Anti-slip PVC floor cover, GreyS
All Ø 30mm Handrail TubesS
All Ø 30mm  Handrail Tubes, Stainless SteelO
All Ø 35mm  Handrail Tubes, Stainless SteelO
15 X HandgripsO
Stop Signs +  Digital Clock + Temperature IndicatorO
S Standard
O Option
Driver Compartment 
Automatic GearboxS
Rear Park SensorsO
Speed Limiter - 100 km/hO
Ticket Validator PreparationO
DTCO TachographO
2x Driver Area SpeakersS
Manuel Locking SystemS
Audio & Video Systems 
Radio MP3 Player+USBO
Announcement System for Passenger AreaO
Camera Pack 1 - Dashboard Mounted 7" Lcd Screen & Rear CameraO
Camera Pack 2 - Camera Pack 1 + DVR (500GB) + Front, Driver, Inside, Service door surveillance cameraasO
Wi-Fi RouterO
Roof Mounted Fixed 19" LCD ScreenO
S Standard
O Option
Cooling & Heating  
Air Conditioner 38 kW with Fresh AirS
Front Box AC 4 kWS
Front Box Heater 11 kWS
Under Seat Heaters : Convectors 3 x 5.000 kcal/hO
Preheater 30 kWO
Driver Compartment 
6-way Pneumatic Driver seat without seat beltS
6-way Pneumatic Driver seat with 3 point seat beltO
8-way Pneumatic Driver seat with 3-point seat beltO
Isolated CabinS
Full Seperated Driver CabinO
Driver Side Window Manual Sun VisorO
Front Manuel Sun Visor - DriverO
Front Manuel Sun Visor - PassengerO
Front Electrical Sun Visor - DriverO
Manuel Roof HatchS
Passenger Area 
Strandard Type Passenger SeatsS
Backrest and Wheelchair DesignationsS
Manual Wheelchair Access RampS
USB On HandrailsO
5 X Passenger Area SpeakersO
S Standard
O Option
ESP - Electronic Stability ProgramO
EBS - Electronic Brake force DistributionS
ABS - Anti-lock Braking SystemS
ASR - Automatic Traction ControlS
Hill HolderS
Front Anti Roll BarS
Fire Detection System S
Fire Suppression System - FireTurkO
Fire Suppression System - FogmakerO
Reverse Gear BuzzerS