Karsan Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. ("Karsan Otomotiv") is committed to preserving and protecting the confidentiality of personal information. This statement will set forth the steps we take to protect your personal information whenever you visit our web pages. Your choice as to how we may use the personal information we gather is also explained, as well as the steps we take in protecting your data and how you can review and edit your own data. By accessing our websites, you acknowledge that this data will be collected and you accept the terms of usage that are described in this confidentiality statement.

Data We Derive Directly From You

In general, you may visit the Karsan Otomotiv web pages without revealing any personal information. On some pages, however, we may ask you to provide the personal information that is needed to carry out the service or procedure that you are requesting. The personal information collected may include: contact information such as your name, title, the name of your company/organization, your e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers and postal address; information about your company and your job description; your e-mail marketing preferences; financial information (including credit cards or account information); information about your nationality and the country you live in so that we can provide you with information on pertinent technologies based on the applicability of relevant export control regulations to your situation ; information that will enable you to start a session, technical information to customize your use of our web pages; questions about our products and services or about your orders; information that will help us to determine which products and services are best for you; and, registration information on events and general feedback on our products and services.

Providing this information is not mandatory but on the other hand, when this information is not provided, we may not be able to offer you service or handle the procedures you need.

Information Collected Automatically

The pages you view, the bytes transferred, the links you click, the supplies you access and all other procedures and transactions carried out on the Karsan Otomotiv web pages are recorded. In the web pages you access with your username, we may match your username to the information you provide in order to determine your interest in our products and services. Your Internet Protocol (IP) address, your browser type, its capabilities and language, processing system, the date and time you accessed the site, and the web page from which you accessed our website, as well as the standard information that your browser sends to every website are recorded. This information will not be matched to your identity.

Use Of This İnformation

Services and Transactions:
 Your personal information is used in providing information about Karsan Otomotiv products, recording which products have been bought, activating requests for guarantees, making our websites more user-friendly, and other information necessary for offering our services and carrying out transactions. In order to achieve more consistency in your relations with Karsan Otomotiv, the information gathered from the web pages may be merged with information gathered by other means.

Developing our websites: We can use your personal information to facilitate access so that you will not have to provide the same information about products and services over and over again. We can also use the data to customize the use of our websites according to your individual preference and interest.

Communication: With permission from you, we can use the personal information available on the website to inform you about the products and services Karsan Otomotiv will be offering. You will always be asked whether you permit us to contact you for the purpose of collecting this information. Moreover, in each e-mail you send, a choice to cancel the subscription to this type of contact will always be presented to you. If you choose to end your subscription, your name will be taken off the list within 10 business days.

Job Applications: You may have to provide us with personal information such as your CV when you apply for employment or research at Karsan Otomotiv. This type of information may be used by Karsan Otomotiv and the affiliates and subsidiaries under its control in the context of hiring procedures. Unless you specify otherwise, this information is saved for future reference.

Cookies and the use of Web information sources: Cookies consist of small files that are saved in your hard disk and your browser’s memory. This data may be used in determining how many times the website has been visited and by how many viewers, determining and analyzing the usage habits of website visitors (including the impact of online advertising), your preferences, and storing technical information that will be used for later website interaction . Session identifying information (identifying information that is erased when the browser is down) and other information needed in session management, as well as your identifying profile data may be stored to facilitate your movement through our websites (in particular, to help you in searching for information and placing orders). You may enable or disable cookies. Many browsers automatically accept cookies but you may change the settings on your browser to delete this information or to alert you whenever cookies have been saved on your computer. If you choose to delete cookies, however, you may not be able to benefit from all of the features of the Karsan Otomotiv website or any other websites you may visit. Our websites may also contain electronic images called single-pixel GIFs, or web information collectors, which allow us to count the number of users visiting the site. There may also be web information collectors in our promotional e-mail messages or News Bulletins to determine whether our messages have been opened and answered.

Disclosure of your personal information: Save for the situations described below, the personal information you provide Karsan Otomotiv over our websites shall not be used without your permission by either Karsan Otomotiv or any of the affiliates and subsidiaries under its control.

Disclosure to service providers: Karsan Otomotiv signs agreements with other companies to produce services related to maintaining websites for the purpose of providing services in its own name, sending out information, carrying out transactions and for website analysis. These companies are only supplied with that part of your personal information that is needed to carry out the service to be rendered. These companies and their employees are prohibited from using your personal data for any other purpose.

Disclosure to distributors: We may share your personal data with distribution companies in answer to your requests. In such situations, only that part of the data that is necessary for carrying out your request are provided and these companies and their employees are prohibited from using your personal data for any other purpose. Other than responding to your own requests, we may, under some circumstances, ask for your permission to share your data with distributors for the purpose of marketing. Such sharing for marketing purposes, however, shall not take place without your explicit approval.

Disclosures about transactions: We may divulge your personal information, in full or in part, to financial companies, government organizations, shipping companies or postal services that will take part in the fulfillment of your request.

Disclosures on company acquisitions and mergers: There may be times when, for strategic or other business reasons, Karsan Otomotiv may make a decision to acquire, sell, merge or reorganize its enterprises in various countries. In such procedures, your personal data may have to be divulged to possible or real buyers or gathered from other sellers. Karsan Otomotiv upholds the principle of suitably protecting this information in such procedures.

Disclosure for other reasons: Personal information may be divulged in situations required by law or to carry out legal procedures for the purpose of defending our assets or in emergencies and with legitimate intentions to protect an individual’s personal safety and security.


Karsan Otomotiv is committed to the principle of protecting your personal information. We use various security technologies and methods to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For example, the personal information you provide is stored at locations and computer systems with limited access. Whenever you start a session at one of our websites or engage in a commercial transaction, security technologies and protocols such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are used to encrypt your personal data or information on your company for secure transmission over the Internet. Ensuring the security of your password when you sign into a website and preventing disclosure to third persons is your responsibility. Whenever you are browsing in a website or making a transition from one site to another, your identification is verified with the data associated with your password on your profile.

Reviewing your personal data: In some situations, you may review or edit the personal data you have provided on our websites by accessing your profile page. In any case, you may fill out a “Contact Us” form whenever you want to review or edit any information or when you want to stop Karsan Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. from using this information. Before allowing you to access your personal data, we might ask you to go through certain procedures to verify your identity. You can help us in this by notifying us to keep the data on your postal address, telephone numbers and e-mail address updated.

Granting permission for personal information to be disclosed to international sources: The personal information derived from our websites may be sent to foreign countries where Karsan Otomotiv has affiliates and subsidiaries or representative offices. We may store or process this information there. As much as these countries have their own personal information protection laws, which may diverge from ours in some ways, Karsan Otomotiv still takes every measure to ensure that your confidentiality is preserved. By using our websites and providing us with your data, you accept the transfer of this data to foreign countries.

Information on minors: Karsan Otomotiv does not intentionally collect data on or regarding minors nor does it engage in activities on its websites that involves the collection of information on minors.

Links to other websites: Our websites may contain links to the websites of Karsan Otomotiv distributors, affiliates and subsidiaries, points of sale, professional and government enterprises or broadcasting companies. We also have links to websites that provide online training programs and to third-party supplier sites that handle the maintenance and operation of these. Although we make every effort to ensure that our links are companies with which we share the same high standards and confidentiality principles, we must declare here that we do not claim any responsibility for the content, security or confidentiality practices of other websites.

The implementation of this confidentiality statement: If you have any questions about this statement or about the processing of your personal data, please Contact Us. We will try to give you a prompt response and a satisfying solution to your problem.

Changes to be made in this confidentiality statement: Karsan Otomotiv reserves the right whenever necessary to update this confidentiality statement without compromising the confidentiality and protection of personal information. When this is done, the date of the “Last Update” indicated on the top and bottom of the confidentiality statement will change as well. You will be asked to approve any parts of the expanded and updated version of the confidentiality statement that were not effective at the time your data was collected, also to endorse the sharing of this information or its use.


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