Throughout the course of life, everything evolves ceaselessly until it reaches its optimal form. 
In our evolution journey that spans over 55 years, we persistently strive to be the most innovative, secure, and superior. 

With innovative codes embedded in our genes, we consistently offer cutting-edge technology, and through our technology hub that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, we relentlessly forge ahead. We work not only to meet today's needs but also to provide solutions for the demands of the future. Our desire to propel societies forward, our strong business partners, avant-garde designs, and technology, along with our groundbreaking electric and autonomous vehicles, lead transformation by covering millions of kilometers worldwide. With our zero-emission, inherently electric product family, we reduce the carbon footprint in nature, continuing to invest in the future for a cleaner and more sustainable public transportation ideal worldwide.

Karsan's electric vehicle journey, "Electric Evolution," pioneers the evolution of the mass transit sector by combining future technologies with present needs. As Karsan, we are a step ahead in the future of mobility.

Being first is in our DNA.

With our innovative DNA, we inspire our competitors with the speed at which we transform evolving electric technology into superior electric and autonomous vehicles driven by our exceptional vision. By conserving the energy of fleets and nature alike, we continue to make a difference in our industry. Developed to address the changing needs of cities, our advanced engineering products, varying in size and design, such as e-JEST, e-ATAK, Autonomous e-ATAK, 10-12-18 meters, and Hydrogen options, shape the future through the e-ATA series. With the innovative solutions we eagerly develop, the electric vehicles of the future come to life today through Karsan.

Every element embodies traces of state-of-the-art technology.

The future takes shape in Karsan factories. 
Leading mobility and equipped with advanced safety and technology, Karsan's 100% electric and autonomous vehicles carry the future to cities.

We don't compromise on performance with powerful partners.

BMW i technology, renowned for maximum reliability, breathes life into our electric vehicles. With BMW i, which offers the best range and charging time in its class, we've proven that electricity doesn't mean sacrificing performance; it signifies an evolution.

We contribute to a sustainable future by developing creative solutions, the pinnacle of electric technology in transportation, together with our strong business partners every day.

Promising a green future with zero emissions.

With our inherently electric and autonomous vehicles that have zero emissions, we reduce the carbon footprint and provide a quiet, clean, and safe driving experience.

Our investment is for future generations...


Hundreds of Electric Vehicles Serve in Over 20 Countries!

As the first and still the only brand in Europe with an electric product family ranging from 6 to 18 meters, our electric and autonomous vehicles have spread across continents in a very short time, covering millions of kilometers in countries like France, Spain, Germany, Romania, Italy, Mexico, and North America.

Stylish Designs Meet Cutting-Edge Technology

Our vehicles with distinctive dynamic lines and modern designs add functionality to the aesthetic texture of cities.

An Award-Winning Journey

"e-Volution of Karsan" was awarded the Bronze Stevie in the "Growth Achievement" category in August 2022.


"e-Volution of Karsan" was awarded in the "Outstanding Business Transformation" category in November 2022.

"e-Volution of Karsan" was selected as "Europe's Most Innovative Commercial Vehicle Brand" in December 2022.


Introducing The Future

It is inspired by the millions of kilometres of experience of our electric vehicles,

designed according to your needs and reshaped in every dimension.

With Karsan, the future evolves into more than 55 years of perfection. 
The future is now right in front of you...