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Karsan e-ATAK 
Leads the European Market!


Karsan Brand Sits on Top of the 
List of Midibus Producers in Europe!

Offering advanced technology mobility solutions with a vision to be “One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility”, Karsan bolsters its leading position with its e-ATAK, after earning the title of leading brand with its e-JEST range for two consecutive years. Not only the first autonomous electric bus set to provide passenger transportation in Europe, Karsan’s e-ATAK range also became the best-selling model of the electric midi bus market in Europe in 2021. According to Chatrou’s European market report, e-ATAK, which wrapped up 2021 with a segment share of 30 percent, became the leader in the market for electric midi buses from 8 to 15 metric tons.

Bringing the technologies of the future into the present and shaping the sector with its leading products, Karsan is also a leader in the electric midibus segment crowning its successive achievements in the electric minibus market in Europe. In addition to its e-JEST range, which finished 2020 and 2021 as market leader, e-ATAK, a major player in the segment of electric midibuses from 8 to 15 metric tons, also succeeded in becoming the market leader in its class in Europe. 

Karsan e-ATAK Leads the Way with a 30% market share in Europe!

Karsan, which is on a stable trajectory of growth with its range of electric vehicles produced in Turkey, managed to achieve a 30% market share in the 8-9 m electric midibus class in the European market with its e-ATAK range. Becoming a major player in the electric city midibus segment in Europe, e-ATAK played a role in boosting Karsan’s export figures, as did European segment leader e-JEST. As one of the major players in public transport thanks to its electric vehicles used in 16 different European countries, Karsan made almost 90% of Turkey’s electric bus and minibus exports in the last three years. 

“We did pioneering work”

Okan Baş, CEO of Karsan, commented on the success of e-ATAK in Europe, saying, “In 2021, we did pioneering work in electric vehicle projects. In Italy, we made a framework agreement with Consip for 80 e-ATAKs and we have already received the first 11 orders. In addition, we won the Cagliari Municipality’s tender for the first time in Italy for the delivery of four e-ATAK buses this year. In Germany, we delivered five e-ATAK buses to the Weilheim Municipality, in what can be considered our first sales to a public institution. We entered the Luxemburg market for the first time with e-ATAK. With the driverless version of e-ATAK, we initiated test drives at Michigan State University and Norway to transport passengers in real traffic conditions. It is gratifying that Karsan e-ATAK has become the segment leader in Europe following in the footsteps of e-JEST, Bulgaria’s first electric minibus that won hearts and minds in Mexico, called Metrobus Bebe by the people”.

“It will make a big contribution to our growth target”

Okan Baş, CEO of Karsan, said: “We want to grow at least twice in the European market for electric vehicles. With our electric range from 6 to 18 m, we appeal to the entire market. And we want to be one of the top five players in the European market. The cards are being reshuffled and we will position the Karsan brand in the top five in Europe with our vision in electric evolution, e-Volution. Our e-ATAK model, the front-runner in the electric midibus class, is one of our most important products in this sense with its size, capacity and technology. Our Karsan e-ATAK model, winning the title of the first autonomous technology bus set to provide passenger transportation in Europe, will also contribute greatly to our growth target”.

e-ATAK offers 300 km range

e-ATAK, developed by Karsan’s dedicated team of R&D experts, is powered by industry-proven BMW batteries with 220 kWh capacity. Its 230-kW electric motor, 8.3-meter size, 52-passenger capacity and 300-km range made Karsan e-ATAK a pioneer in its segment. E-ATAK, featuring autonomous technology, can be charged in 5 hours with AC chargers and in 3 hours with fast chargers.


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