Features Style
S Standard
O Option

Exterior Design  
LED Front & Rear Lights S
LED Day Time Running Lamps S
Front Fog Lamp S
3rd Stop Lamp O
Electrical and Heated Mirrors S

Mirror Cameras


5 Sliding Side Windows

7 Sliding Side Windows1 O
Light Tinted Color Side Glass S
Dark Tinted Color Side Glass O
Heated Windshield S
Sliding Heated Driver’s Window S
Heated Front Door Window S
Monocolor Led Destination Signs (front + side + rear) S
Front & Rear 17.5" Steel Wheels S
Wheel Covers S
Cataphoresis & Underbody Coating S
Spare Tire O
Standard Body Color: White S
Optional Body Colors: (Opac Colors) O
Interior Design  
Anti-slip PVC Floor Cover, Green Patterned S
Handrail Tubes, Stainless Steel S
Handrail Tubes, Green O
Handgrips S
Stop Signs + Digital Clock + Temperature Indicator S
Billboard2 O

Outdoor Billboard (Right & Left Side)


1 7 Sliding Side Windows can be selected with Dark Tinted Color Side Glass

2 Only without Rear (Cabin) Separation Window.

Features Technology
S Standard
O Option

Charging Infrastructure  
On-Board Charge S
2 x On-Board Chargers O
Driver Compartment  
12” Full Digital Cluster S
Rear Park Sensors S
Ticket Validator Preparation (Front) S
Smart Tachograph O
2x Driver Area Speakers S
Manuel Locking System S
Start & Stop Button (Keyless) S
External Speaker O
Coat Hook S
FMS Gateway S
Audio & Video Systems  
Radio + USB Port + Bluetooth Connections (on Touchscreen) S

Announcement System for Passenger Area - 5 x Passenger Speakers + Goose Neck Microphone + Amplifier 

10.1” Multimedia Touchscreen S
Rear Camera (Touchscreen Integrated) S
Wi-Fi Router O
Roof Mounted Fixed 19” LCD Screen with USB O
DVR (1 TB) ; Front, Driver, Inside, Service Door Cameras(Touchscreen Integrated) O
DVR (1 TB) ; Front, Driver, Inside, Service Door Cameras (7” LCD Screen Integrated) O
Features Comfort
S Standard
O Option
LP Luxury Pack

Cooling & Heating  
Passenger A/C with heating function S
Driver A/C with heating function S

Passenger Area Heater 12 kW

Passenger Sidewall Heater S


Driver Compartment  
8-way Pneumatic Driver Seat with 3-Point Seat Belt (ISRI) S

Driver Seat with Heating Function

Isolated Cabin (Rear as Glass) S
Seperated Driver Cabin with High Glass O
Driver Side Window Manual Sun Visor O
Front Manual Sun Visor S

Alcoholmeter Preperation

Passenger Area  
Plastic Type Passenger Seats S
Plastic Type Passenger Seats (with Pad & Fabric) O

Shuttle Type Passenger Seats (Seat Back Plastic)

Backrest Totem and Wheelchair Designations S
Manual Wheelchair Access Ramp S
USB On Sidewalls S
Door Compress Prevention S
Features Safety
S Standard
O Option

ESP - Electronic Stability Program S
EBS - Electronic Brake System S
ABS - Anti-lock Braking System S
ASR - Anti-Slippage System S
RBS - Regenerative Brake System S
HSA - Hill Start Aid S
Front Anti Roll Bar S
E-Motor Room Fire Detection System S

Fire Supression System3

Reverse Gear Buzzer S

3 Options can not be selected separately from each other. Pre-heater with standard heating system.

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