Having 57 years of experience in the Turkish automotive industry, Karsan makes production in the commercial vehicle segment for the world's leading automotive companies, including its own brand, in its facilities with cutting-edge technology. The company has been engaged in commercial vehicle manufacturing since 1981, and its factory in Hasanağa, Bursa has the capacity to manufacture up to 20 thousand vehicles a year on a single shift. The Hasanağa Plant, structured with the flexibility to manufacture all types of vehicles, ranging from cars to trucks and from minivans to buses, is located 30 km away from the Bursa city centre and occupies a closed area of 99 thousand and a total area of 203 thousand square meters. 
Positioned as the only independent multi-brand vehicle manufacturer in the Turkish automotive industry, Karsan aims to develop derivative versions of the new and existing vehicles with its business partners and licensers in order to extend its presence to all the segments of passenger transportation, in accordance with its vision of being one step ahead in the future of mobility.
Continuing its efforts to develop "innovative products and services", "from conception into the market" in the public transport industry and to launch these in the market, Karsan primarily aims to strengthen its main manufacturer/OEM business line. Karsan manages the entire automotive value chain, from R&D to production, from marketing to sales and after-sales activities. Karsan produces environment-friendly Jest and Atak models under its own brand. Launching Karsan e-JEST in 2018, Karsan e-ATAK in 2019, Otonom e-ATAK in 2021, 10m, 12m, and 18m models of the Karsan e-ATA family in the same year, and e-ATA HYDROGEN in 2022 one after another, Karsan has become the first and only company that has the full product range of electrical products from 6 meters to 18 meters. In addition, it has become the first brand entering the Japanese market with its 6-meter right hand drive e-JEST vehicle at the end of 2023.


Karsan Italy S.r.L was founded in Turin, Italy on 12 December 2014, as a company wholly owned by Karsan. The Company’s corporate title was changed to Karsan Europe S.r.L. on October 2015. It was founded with the aim of increasing the export potential of Karsan, the company engages in marketing, sales and after-sales activities of Karsan’s e-JEST, e-ATAK and e-ATA brands.


Serving under the HCI Group, Hervouet Corporate Industry SAS has been marketing the bus and coach product range for over 35 years. There are innovative vehicles with a low ecological impact in its product portfolio, such as those with latest-generation diesel, compressed natural gas, or electrical engines. In 2019, Karsan Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., which is the sole independent multi-brand vehicle manufacturer of Türkiye, became the 50% shareholder of Hervouet Corporate Industry, its established distributor in France, by signing an important agreement within the framework of foreign organization structuring, in order to expand its product-service network and further increase its rising acceleration in exportation. 


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