Scope Of Integrated Services VEHICLE RECEPTION

All buses are received by the reception team when they complete their daily services and return to the terminal.

The reception team conducts an external examination on all vehicles using the pre-prepared checklist and issues a maintenance card in line with the results of the examination as well as demands/statements of the driver. 

The team then sends relevant vehicles to the necessary departments. (For troubleshooting and repair, maintenance, tire change, rod adjustment etc.)

Scope Of Integrated Services MANEUVER AND PARKING

Following the examination and preparation of the maintenance cards, buses are moved to the filling station by maneuver drivers and are passed through an automatic car wash system before fueling.

If deemed damaged or faulty, the buses are sent to the relevant workshops. Vehicles without any malfunction or damage are parked to the parking lot.

Scope Of Integrated Services FUELING

The buses accepted by maneuver drivers are sent to the fueling station. The fueling personnel fills up the fuel oil and the buses are moved to the relevant departments by maneuver drivers. This process is performed either using fuel pumps (for diesel-powered vehicles) or appropriate dispensers in the CN facility (for vehicles with CNG systems).

Scope Of Integrated Services MAINTENANCE-REPAIR

According to the information given in maintenance cards, the vehicles are moved to relevant departments by maneuver drivers. The responsible personnel examines the reports and performs the necessary procedures. Repair and maintenance works are performed in the mechanics department.

In case of physical damage, the vehicles are repaired by the body shop staff after the damage report is drawn up.

If any of the tires is damaged, the necessary operations are performed in the tire workshop.

After all processes are completed, the buses are moved to the parking lot by maneuver drivers.

Scope Of Integrated Services CLEANING

First, an exterior wash is performed in the parking lot by the cleaning staff and then the interior parts of the vehicles are cleaned in detail. A hygiene and disinfection process is applied after the cleaning.

Scope Of Integrated Services ROAD ASSISTANCE

Any breakdown or unexpected condition that may occur during the day is notified to the communications center. Based on the notification, a team of experts approach the scene using fully equipped mobile vehicles.

If the vehicle is parked in an appropriate space, the necessary response is ensured and the vehicle continues its service.

If the vehicle has to be towed to a workshop, the team communicates the situation to the center and a tow truck is sent to the scene.

Mobile road assistance vehicles are usually deployed nearby the frequently used routes of bus services. The target of this service is to arrive at the scene of breakdown/problem within maximum 25 minutes after being informed.

Daily road assistance notifications/calls are analyzed to plan and realize necessary preventive maintenance-repair activities in order to decrease the rate of breakdowns.

Scope Of Integrated Services TIRE MAINTENANCE

Tire thread depths and the general condition of the tire surface and sidewalls of the vehicles in service are checked and measured regularly. Tires with lower thread depth values than the pre-determined values are replaced with the new ones.  Similarly, the front alignment service is performed in accordance with the periodic maintenance matrix and the relevant technical specifications. 

In case of blowout during operation, a fully equipped road assistance vehicle is sent to the scene of incident to change the tire(s). If necessary, the services also include provision and mounting of winter tires in line with the current condition and the preferred type of tire to ensure a safer drive.

Scope Of Integrated Services CNG STATION

The services include installation and commissioning of a CNG station that provides more efficient CNG services, as a fuel type that contributes to the fuel economy and decrease in the emission of harmful gasses.

In order to ensure seamless sustainability of the services, certain maintenance procedures apply to the CNG stations. Similarly, the connection between the filling automation and CNG dispenser and the related controls and supervisions are provided within the same service package. 

Installation and commissioning works of the CNG stations in Istanbul IETT Kagithane Terminal, IETT Hasanpasa Terminal and Konya Municipality Yazir Terminal were performed by Karsan.


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