To switch from extinguishing approaches to systematic step-by-step improvement approach via the WCM method. To develop improvement activities in the fields of quality, cost and delivery, implement the activity plans and programmes via proper data analysis, and thus provide maximum benefit with minimum resource.
To ensure that the management constantly follows up the activities and results, and confirms that the goals have been achieved, and the achieved level is permanent.

The development of these strategies aims to;
Improve work quality, avoid occupational accidents and eliminate risks, reduce wastes and increase overall equipment efficiency and product quality, and thus ensure customer satisfaction.


We aim to improve the conditions in the workplace to provide our personnel with a safe working environment, and to eliminate safety risks.

Cost Deployment

The activity of determination, detailing, and prevention of all losses and wastes that have or might occur, and rendering these efforts continuous.

Focused Improvement

The activity of elimination of 7 types of wastes and losses (transportation, stock, movement, waiting, overproduction, unnecessary processes, repairs) that through appropriate tools, and increasing efficiency 

Autonomous Maintenance

Conducting improvements in a way to help increase operation time and extend the useful life of equipment and/or facilities by creating a permanent organization in working areas, and performance of regular maintenance activities.

Workplace Organization

The activity of creating a safe working environment with good ergonomic conditions, and manufacturing highly efficient and quality products via elimination of losses in the process.

Professional Maintenance

Reducing downtimes by improving knowledge and skills of personnel via scheduled maintenance activities, and ensuring continuity of production with minimum cost via “0 Downtime” culture.

Quality Control

The activity of minimizing the scrap and repair costs via coordination of product manufacturing process that assures the actions on taking the manufacturing conditions under control and preventing the manufacturing of defective products.


The activity of reducing semi-finished and raw material stocks and ensuring that all kinds of materials can be procured when needed, with required amounts; and classification of production schedule accordingly.

Early Equipment / Product Management

In the process of developing new machinery/equipment; achieving a highly reliable, quickly commissioned, and easy-to-maintain machinery/equipment pool, making use of the experiences obtained during the use of existing equipment and machinery.

People Development

Conducting activities in a way to assure the right skills competencies, and personnel motivation for each position to ensure an efficient and high-quality manufacturing process.

Environment and Energy

Acting with the awareness of elimination/management of pollution sources, and prevention of wastes in all kind of uses of natural resources.


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