Karsan is ready for the future today with its autonomous technology to overcome the consequences of increasing population, harmful gas emissions and human-induced errors in traffic. With its Level 4 autonomous driving technology, Autonomous e-ATAK safely navigates without a need for human control by detecting road and environmental conditions on defined routes. After the Karsan electric buses travelling millions of kilometers, now Autonomous e-ATAK introduces you to the technology of future.


With its innovating sustainable future mission, Karsan reveals another premiere in its sector and takes you on an exciting journey, introducing the leading technology of new era.

Autonomous driving not only radically changes mobility, it also gives an innovative perspective in interior design. Appealing to the eye with its characteristic design, Autonomous e-ATAK offers a comfortable experience to its passengers with its spacious interior design. Get ready to be impressed when you take the first step towards Autonomous e-ATAK equipped with superior technological features. Autonomous e-ATAK handles the situations it encounters in traffic, following all traffic signs while driving on urban lines without a need for driver control. Autonomous e-ATAK’s high technology sensors continuously detects what is happening around.
Motorcycles or pedestrians in blind spots are visible to Autonomous e-ATAK, providing maximum safety.

No matter if it rains or shines, day or night, Autonomous e-ATAK is always aware of its surroundings. Thanks to its high-quality sensors, its performance is unaffected compared to the human eye in situations like exposure to bright light or thick fog, and provides a safe drive. Data can be obtained instantly from Autonomous e-ATAK and remote route changes can be made. Thus, management support can safely be provided at intersections, crossings and traffic lights in an unusual road interruption. By staying in continuous communication with the operation and task management system, it can also be directed by central control while retaining autonomy.

Autonomous e-ATAK drives confidently in traffic with its superior technology, taking maximum precaution at bus stops, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Determining its location with precision, Autonomous e-ATAK calculates the movement of each object around 20 times per second and takes you on a safe journey.

LiDAR: In Autonomous e-ATAK, LiDAR carries out the activities of detecting bicycles, living or non-living objects, determining the location with map-area, and environmental detection.
Camera: All eyes of Autonomous e-ATAK are on the road, with RGB and thermal cameras, which perform object detection, color detection, object classification and lane information recognition.
IMU: The IMU in Autonomous e-ATAK is used for acceleration, rotation speed calculation and position information.
GNSS: GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) is used to spot the coordinate of the bus while navigating.
Radar: As one of the main sensors of Autonomous e-ATAK, radar takes role in Emergency Braking, Dynamic Speed Control Assistance and Speed Based Vehicle Tracking by measuring the distance of objects.
Ultrasonic Sensor: Support the detection of objects at close range, ultrasonic sensors have a critical role in low speed driving scenarios.


What is the maximum range of an autonomous bus in kilometers?

Autonomous e-ATAK offers unrivaled best in class range of up to 300 km.

How long does it take to charge an autonomous electric bus?

Autonomous e-ATAK's batteries can be charged in 5 hours by AC or in 3 hours by DC.

What is the motor specifications for the Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK bus?

Autonomous e-ATAK’s high performance TM4 electric motor provides 230 kW power and 2.500 Nm torque.


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