17 May 2024

Karsan Selected as the Most Innovative Brand of 2024!

 3 International Awards
 for Karsan! 

Karsan, playing a pioneering role in transforming public transport to the electric, autonomous, and hydrogen in the world, especially in Europe, continues to crown its achievements with global awards. In this regard, it received three awards from Global Business&Finance Magazine, owing to its Electric Evolution strategy. Karsan was awarded in the categories of Europe's Best e-Mobility Pioneer Company, Europe's Most Innovative Bus Manufacturer, and Europe's Best Electric Commercial Vehicle Exporter. Through the innovative models it has developed in line with the vision of ‘One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility’, Karsan maintains its success proved with awards by driving the transformation of public transport in a wide geography covering Europe, North America, and Japan.

Bringing future technologies to the present day and navigating the sector with pioneering attempts, Karsan continues to be globally rewarded with its creative approach and e-mobility solutions. Playing a leading role in transforming transport infrastructure with the models it has produced, especially in European countries, the brand has added new ones to the awards it has received due to its assertive products.

Pioneer of the transformation of public transport!

Karsan keeps its pioneering role with the "Electric Evolution" concept, which combines future technologies and the current needs in the public transport sector. Karsan, which won three awards from Global Business & Finance Magazine with this revolutionary concept, was named Europe's Best e-Mobility Pioneer Company, Europe's Most Innovative Bus Manufacturer, and Europe's Best Electric Commercial Vehicle Exporter. Leading the transformation of public transport in a broad geography from the USA to Japan through new-generation technologies, Karsan also crowns the success of the models it has developed in the direction of the vision "One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility" with global prestigious awards. Karsan, the only brand offering electric, autonomous, and hydrogen technologies together in European public transport, has exceeded a thousand electric vehicles in 23 countries by expanding its electric park every passing day. For the last four years, 100% percent electric e-JEST and e-ATAK models have been the most preferred vehicles in European electric minibus and midibus markets. Featuring a full electric product range from 6 meters to 18 meters, Karsan continues to lead the transformation of public transport through these achievements crowned with awards. The company reduces its carbon footprint and offers a quiet, clean, and safe travel experience with its original electric and autonomous zero-emission vehicles.

Europe's Most Innovative Bus Manufacturer!

Karsan continues to pioneer innovation and technology in public transport with Europe's Most Innovative Bus Manufacturer award. Its Autonomous e-ATAK model stands out as a concrete example of this success. Karsan, which delivered an 8-meter Autonomous e-ATAK for use in Tampere, Finland, in March 2024, broke new ground in the world with the Autonomous e-ATAK, which has carried passengers on a 5-kilometer route for 1.5 years within the Michigan State University campus in the USA. Having carried ticketed passengers in open traffic since 2022 in Stavanger, Norway, the Autonomous e-ATAK has recently extended its current route by passing through a tunnel and become successful in another challenging test as the first autonomous vehicle to do so. Karsan, which has launched autonomous projects at 6 locations, including France, Romania, and Turkey, has gained 75 thousand kilometers of autonomous driving experience with Autonomous e-ATAK and carried more than 27 thousand passengers. Karsan, which has recently inked a contract for an autonomous project in the Rotterdam Airport, the Netherlands, will be the first brand in the world to offer autonomous airport transfer with two Autonomous e-ATAKs to be delivered at the end of 2024.


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