06 October 2020

Karsan Won the Tender for Eco-friendly Bus in Bulgaria!
From Karsan to Bulgaria 13 Units of CNG-powered Menarinibus Citymood Buses!

Offering transportation solutions for the mobility needs of the century in its factory located in Bursa, Turkish manufacturer Karsan maintains its position as a solution partner for many countries with its wide range of both environment-friendly and innovative products. Once again, Karsan, the winner of the city bus tender in Bulgaria, is due to deliver 13 units of 12-metre long CNG-powered Menarinibus Citymood buses to the city of Pernik. Having delivered Jest and Atak vehicles to the country before, Karsan, which met all the necessary ecological criteria of the last tender, will have delivered CNG-powered buses to the city of Pernik by the first half of 2021.

Offering modern solutions in public transportation systems that can be adapted to any city, Karsan continues to be the choice of European countries with its environment-friendly and innovative products. Participating in the tender for eco-friendly buses opened by the city of Pernik in Bulgaria Karsan, along with its Bulgarian distributer, Bulbus Trade, became the sole winner. Accordingly, Karsan will have delivered 13 units of 12-metre CNG-powered Menarinibus Citymood buses to the city of Pernik by the first half of 2021. Having delivered Jest and Atak vehicles to Bulgaria before, Karsan is due to deliver its first fleet of large busses to the city with the tender to help renew the aging CNG-powered bus fleet of the city of Pernik, which is known for its green and eco-friendly regulations. Making a statement on the topic, Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu, Deputy General Director of Karsan Commercial Affairs said, “We are happy to have won the tender with our 13 units of 12-metre CNG-powered Menarinibus Citymood buses in the Bulgarian market, where we had already put our foot in the door with our Jest and Atak vehicles. Thanks to the strong relationships we have established with our dealers despite the pandemic and our strict monitoring of the target markets, we steadily continue to receive orders from various cities in Europe and win public transportation tenders. We will continue to reap the fruits of our firm steps and share the news with you.”

Outstanding performance, low cost, eco-friendly engine

Offering low fuel consumption and low operational costs, CNG-powered Menarinibus Citymood 12 m city bus provides users with operational comfort with a full digital display with a diagnostic feature, wide angle of view and automatic transmission while turning urban travel into a fun experience with its low-floor design, independent front suspension and outstanding comfort. Menarinibus Citymood’s environment-friendly FPT CURSOR 8 Turbo CAS Intercooler CNG-powered engine with a cylinder volume of 7,8 litres produces power up to 243 kW and a maximum torque of 1.300 Nm.


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