12 January 2021

Transportation Giant Keolis
Prefers Karsan Again!
Atak Electric from Karsan to Belgium!

The commercial vehicle manufacturer Karsan, which is the eco-friendly choice of Europe with its fully electric vehicles, delivered its first Atak Electric buses to Belgium. Two Atak Electric buses have been delivered to the transportation giant Keolis in the city of Ghent, and put into use for the transportation of the Zuiderpoort business center employees, a large office complex in the city. Atak Electric buses, which have started to be used instead of diesel buses in line with Zuiderpoort’s environmental considerations, serve intensely on weekdays for the transportation of the company employees to Ghent-Saint Pierre station.

Karsan, offering mobility solutions to transportation needs of the era in its factory located in Turkey, continue to contribute to the transportation network of the developed European countries with its electric vehicles. In this context, two Atak Electric buses were delivered to Keolis, which is located in Ghent, Belgium and offers urban transportation solutions. With the last year’s delivery in December, Keolis started to provide public transportation service for the employees of the Zuiderpoort office complex, located in an area of 63 thousand square meters. This delivery made by the French dealer of Karsan, HCI, is important for Atak Electric to be used for the first time in Belgium.

Eco-friendly and comfortable transportation

Zuiderpoort, crowning its environmental awareness with a green building label, has taken an important step to reduce its ecological footprint in transportation by replacing the service it previously received with diesel buses with Karsan Atak Electric. Eight-meter Atak Electric buses used for the transportation of Zuiderpoort employees to Ghent – Saint Pierre station facilitates the transportation of the company’s employees with limited mobility while protecting the environment with its silent operation with zero emission, 52-seat capacity and UFR platform. Atak Electric buses, which will serve every 15 minutes for busy hours during the week and every 30 minutes during normal hours, has been preferred due to zero emission, less noise pollution and its positive impacts on the environment as well as less traffic.

The motor at the heart of Karsan Atak Electric generates 230 kW engine power and 2500 Nm torque, providing users with a high performance driving experience. Running on a total 220 kWh battery capacity with five 44-kWh batteries developed by BMW, the 8-meter Atak Electric boasts a unique 300 km range to outpace its rivals. The vehicle’s batteries can be charged in 5 hours with AC charging, and in 3 hours with DC charging units.


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