27 June 2019


Karsan introduces the newest member of its electric product line, Atak Electric, in a global event in Munich. This year’s event, co-organized with BMW, is centered around the theme of “New Definition of Mobility” and Atak Electric, electrified by BMW i technologies with a totally new design, was test-run by press members, clients and distributors from all over the world. Five BMW i batteries with a total capacity of 220 kWh will run Atak Electric up to 300 kilometers on a single charge. Added to this performance, a dynamic design, a very comfortable interior and innovative technologies made Atak Electric an instant winner among the guests. The “New Definition of Mobility” event also showcased Karsan Jest Electric, BMW i3 and i8 models.


As a creator of modern transport solutions in its Turkish facility for the mobility needs of the modern age, Karsan showcased its newest electric bus Atak Electric at the launch event in Munich. Co-organized with BMW, this year’s event embraced the theme of “New Definition of Mobility” and provided an opportunity for many press members, clients and distributors from all over the world to give Atak Electric and Jest Electric a try. Kıraça Holding Chairman İnan Kıraç, Karsan CEO Okan Baş, Karsan Deputy General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu and many Karsan officials participated in the event. Electrified by five BMW i batteries with a total capacity of 220 kWh, Atak Electric was tested by the participants for the first time at BMW and MINI Driving Academy in Maisach. The dynamic design, cutting-edge technology, high level of comfort, rapid-charging and a long range of 300 km made Atak Electric an instant winner at the event. This also debuts the redesigned Atak line which is the pioneer in the 8-meter sector. 


BMW i3 and i8 models were also showcased at the “New Definition of Mobility” event.


“An all-day performance with a 300 km range”

Noting that Jest Electric, the first product from their cooperation with BMW, has been an instant favorite, Karsan CEO Okan Baş, was pleased to report that 35 Jest Electrics are already in use in a number of European countries including France, Germany and Greece. In only one year Karsan has launched electric version of the bus-class Atak; “In collaboration with BMW,   which is a pioneering automotive brand in terms of electric vehicle technologies, we are producing electrically-powered mass transport solutions for the whole world. We are thrilled to launch Atak Electric, a pioneer in the market with its long range, unique technologies and dimensions, and with a brand new look. As a 100% Turkish brand, we also became the first company to develop and start mass production of two electric vehicles in one year. Karsan’s Atak Electric runs on five batteries, each rated at 44 kWh capacity. These batteries give Atak 300 km range which is an unmatched advantage compared to its competitors. With this range and fast charging up to 3 hours Atak will continue to operate without charging during the day.”


“We are starting mass production in August.”

Noting that Karsan offers a 4 year and 200,000 km warranty for its BMW batteries, Karsan CEO Okan Baş, also emphasized that Atak Electric has price advantage compared to its competitors, considering its technological features and comfort options. Baş went on to say “In August 2019 we will launch roadshows in countries such as France, Germany, Romania, Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria, and these roadshows will continue until the end of the year. We will first target the European markets with Atak Electric and start serial production of the model in August. Our strong cooperation with BMW will continue and we hope that we will do even better in the future with brand new transport solutions”.


Mobility redefined with Karsan’s Atak Electric!

Electric motor at the heart of Atak Electric is rated at 230 kWh power and 2400 Nm torque. Running on a total 220 kWh battery capacity with five 44-kWh batteries developed by BMW, Atak Electric boasts a unique 300 km range. The vehicle’s batteries can be charged in 5 hours with double AC charging, and in 3 hours with fast DC charging units. A regenerative braking system also recycles power which enables the batteries to self-recharge up to 25%. 


Innovative in every way, up top every day!

Atak Electric comes with brand new and dynamic front and rear lines, and creates a striking look with its LED lamps. It has a 10.1-inch multimedia touchscreen, fully digital 12.3-inch cluster, keyless start & stop, USB ports and Wi-Fi-ready base, adding higher functionality to its superior technology, comfort, long range and high battery capacity for the very best and most modern mass transport solution. Thanks to its electrically operated air suspension system, it brings the same level of comfort as private cars. Atak Electric offers two seating layout options, 18+4 or 21+4 seats and a total capacity of 52 passengers.





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