27 maggio 2022


Karsan Showcases Its Electric Models
at Busworld Turkey 2022!

Karsan, one of the leading companies in the Turkish automotive industry, continues its growth with its electric models, led by the "One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility" motto. Karsan managed to catch everyone's eye with its new electric growth strategy, e-Volution, by exhibiting its 100% electric model family from 6 to 18 meters at Busworld Turkey 2022, Turkey's largest bus show. Emphasizing that Karsan achieved a strong growth trend, especially in foreign markets with its electric vision, Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Karsan said: "In 2021, our e-JEST and e-ATAK models became the best-selling electric vehicles of their segment in Europe. This year, we will push for a three-fold growth in our electric vehicle sales. We intend to position the Karsan brand among the top five players in Europe with our electric development vision, e-Volution."

Half a century after its foundation, Karsan, Turkey's leading brand offering high-tech mobility solutions, showed off its electric model family at Busworld Turkey 2022, Turkey's largest bus exhibition. Karsan has single-handedly realized almost 90 percent of Turkey's exports of electric minibuses and buses with its more than 300 electric vehicles touring 18 different countries, including France, Romania, Portugal, Norway, Spain, Mexico for the last three years, and the company with its presence at Busworld Turkey 2022 has once again demonstrated the importance it attaches to electric mobility. Karsan, Turkey's leading brand offering high-tech mobility solutions, introduced its 100% electric product range to consumers between May 26 and 28, 2022. Karsan showcased the 6-meter e-JEST, 8-meter e-ATAK, 12-meter e-ATA, as well as the 10- and 18-meter e-ATA models together for the first time at the fair. e-JEST, e-ATAK and e-ATA attracted great interest. In addition, trade show attendees had the opportunity to experience the 12m Karsan e-ATA.


Growth set to continue with Karsan's European market leader electric models!
Emphasizing that Karsan achieved a strong growth trend, especially in foreign markets with its electric vision, Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Karsan, said: "In 2021, our e-JEST and e-ATAK models became the best-selling electric vehicles of
their class in Europe. The 6-meter e-JEST increased its share of the electric minibus market in Europe to 51 percent in 2021, becoming the market leader for two years in a row. Karsan's e-ATAK, on the other hand, became the leader of its class in Europe with a 30% share in the electric city midibus segment. The first deliveries of our Karsan e-ATA model, which we launched at the end of last year, were made to Romania at the beginning of this year, and interest in this model is high both in Turkey and abroad. We intend to position the Karsan brand among the top five players in Europe with our electric vision, e-Volution by achieving an at least three-fold growth with our range of electric vehicles."

"We became the first brand of Europe to offer an electric product range from 6 to 18 meters"
Emphasizing that Karsan was driven by the vision of being "One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility," Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu said, "The heart of the automotive industry is changing from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. As the first step of this transformation, we first launched our e-JEST model at the end of 2018. Six months later, we launched e-ATAK, and at the end of last year we introduced the e-ATA family, the largest in our electric product range. With this launch, we became the first and only brand in Europe to offer a fully electric product range of all sizes from 6 meters to 18 meters in public transportation."


Pioneering the future of electric mobility!
Emphasizing that Karsan had already started developing future-oriented technologies with its e-Volution vision, Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Karsan, said: "With our vision of always being one step ahead in the future of mobility, we are shaping the future of transportation with our range of innovative products. We are working towards making our products electric with the addition of an autonomous driving function down the line. In this sense, we developed the Autonomous e-ATAK in great cooperation with ADASTEC and introduced our first driverless vehicle at the beginning of last year. Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK, our self driving vehicle used to transport students and university staff in real-world traffic conditions on the campus of Michigan State University, recently began with driverless public transport in Stavanger, Norway. The project is a first in Europe. We are playing a pioneering role in the public transportation of the future, by providing for the first time in Europe public transportation services in cities with our driverless electric vehicle Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK."

e-JEST offers a range of up to 210 km with its high maneuverability
A proven performer which comes with high maneuverability and unmatched passenger comfort, e-JEST is equipped with a BMW electric motor capable of 170 HP strength and 290 Nm torque with optional 44 or 88 kWh batteries, also made by BMW. Offering the best performance in the 6-meter small bus class with a range of up to 210 km, the small city bus e-JEST also boasts a regenerative braking system which provides energy recovery by enabling the batteries to self-recharge at a rate of 25 percent. Decorated with a 10.1-inch multimedia touchscreen, fully digital dashboard, keyless ignition, and USB ports as well as an optional WiFi compatible infrastructure, e-JEST does not come short in terms of comfort compared to passenger cars thanks to its four-wheel independent suspension system.


Karsan e-ATA runs for a full day on a single charge
The maximum battery capacity can be increased to 315 kWh for 10-meter buses, 450 kWh for 12-meter buses and 600 kWh for 18-meter buses for Karsan e-ATA models. The electric hub motors of Karsan e-ATA positioned on the wheels provide 250 kW maximum power and 22,000 Nm torque for its 10- and 12-meter-long bus range, allowing it to climb the steepest of slopes effortlessly. The maximum power of 500 kW in the 18-meter-long version shows the highest performance even at full load. Thanks to its powerful batteries, the e-ATA 12-meter model offers the possibility of driving up to 450 kilometers on a single charge when the vehicle is full, on a real bus route and with the air conditioning running in the heat of the summer. With a charging power of up to 150 kW with a wired connection, e-ATA can be charged in 1 to 4 hours, depending on the preferred battery pack. This means the vehicle can be operated all day without a second charge. In addition to wired charging, e-ATA also offers a high-capacity fast-charging option that allows drivers to recharge at stops without getting out of the vehicle. The e-ATA product range, which is fully compatible with the different geographical conditions of different cities in Europe, impresses with its futuristic exterior design. Its geometry offers passengers a full low-floor interior that promises unobstructed freedom of movement. Despite its high range, e-ATA does not compromise on passenger capacity. Depending on the preferred battery capacity, e-ATA can carry 79 passengers with its 10-meter configuration, over 89 with its 12-meter configuration, and over 135 with its 18-meter configuration.

Karsan e-ATAK, leader in its class with its 300 km range
e-ATAK comes with dynamic front and rear lines, and creates a striking look with its LED daytime running lamps. The electric motor at the heart of e-ATAK generates 230 kW engine power and 2,500 Nm torque, providing users with a high performance driving experience. Running on 220-kWh batteries developed by BMW, the 8-meter e-ATAK boasts a unique 300 km range to outpace its rivals. Moreover, the vehicle's batteries can be charged in 5 hours with AC charging, and in 3 hours with fast-charging units. A regenerative braking system also recycles power which enables the batteries to self-recharge up to 25%. The model comes with two seating layout options, for a capacity of 52 passengers.


Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK with level 4 autonomous technology equipped with special sensors
Developed by Karsan R&D in cooperation with ADASTEC, aCalifornia based tech company, the Autonomous e-ATAK model uses Level 4 autonomous software. Equipped with many LiDAR sensors all around, the Autonomous e-ATAK can navigate through streets without a human driver. The Autonomous e-ATAK comes with innovative technologies such as an advanced radar in the front, high-resolution image processing with RGB cameras and extra driving safety thanks to thermal imaging cameras. Offering a Level-4 autonomous driving experience in combination with these technologies, the Autonomous e-ATAK can drive itself on a pre-arranged route. Capable of reaching speed of up to 50 kilometers per hour in all weather conditions night and day when in self-driving mode, the bus can autonomously perform tasks previously done by a human driver such as pulling into bus stops on the route, managing the passengers getting on/off, navigating through roundabouts, thoroughfares or traffic lights, etc.


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