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19 Вересень 2018


Karsan Jest Electric, which is the first product of Karsan's supply agreement with BMW for electric motor vehicles, left its mark on the 67th IAA Hannover Fair held in Germany this year. Jest Electric, which makes a difference to its competitors with its environment-friendly structure, advanced technology features and advantageous price, will start mass production after the expo and begin to deliver its first customer orders in December. 

Karsan, providing innovative solutions for the mobility issues of our age, develops important products in the field of electric public transport with significant collaborations. Karsan Jest Electric, the first product of Karsan's supply agreement with BMW for electric motor vehicles, set forth its signature again at the IAA Hannover Fair in Germany by drawing attention from everyone in the expo. Karsan CEO Okan Baş has underlined that Jest Electric, tested by BMW at the Maisach Track, which is also used as a driving academy for BMW, and that it received full marks from BMW engineers. He also said that Jest Electric has taken the form of a unique and competitive electric transport vehicle globally. Baş added: “Jest Electric received full marks at the tests performed by BMW and was found very impressive. We will develop our strategic partnerships in order to make Jest Electric popular in the European and the US market. Its mass production will start immediately after the fair; our primary target will be the Western European market.” 

Jest Electric, which has started to take orders from various countries of Europe even though its mass production hasn't started yet, will keep travelling on European roads with its 66kWh double battery pack option. It has been on the roadshow events since the beginning of the year.

Advanced technology that carries future to present

Engaged in the Jest Electric, BMW-manufactured electric motor produces maximum 170 HP and 290 Nm of torque, collaborating with a single-ratio gearbox. Jest Electric, with 33 or 66 kW-hour batteries developed & produced by BMW, offers a range of 165 km. It can be recharged in 8 hours with traditional AC charging units and in 1,2 hours with quick DC charging stations. Moreover, thanks to the regenerative braking system that provides energy recovery up to 25%. On top of that, the batteries used in Jest Electric, offer 3 years or 120,000 kilometers of battery warranty. Jest Electric outshines with its 26 people passenger capacity, high maneuverability, spacious interior, dynamic design and unique climbing performance. With these features, it also shines a light on the future with the silent and environmentalist travels it offers. With its 10.1-inch multimedia display, fulldigital dashboard, keyless drive, USB ports, Wi-Fi compatible infrastructure and independent 4-wheel suspension system, Karsan Jest Electric doesn't leave passengers in search for the comforts of their own cars.