28 Грудень 2017


Providing modern solutions to cities through developing public transportation systems, Karsan moves on with its deliveries to overseas markets. Having proclaimed 2017 as the year of overseas expansion and carried out exports to various countries in Europe, notably to Italy, Karsan made its latest sale to Azerbaijan.  The Azerbaijani city of Sumqayit received a delivery of 26 Jest+ buses which started to operate on the city’s transport lines.


Karsan continues to spread internationally after last year’s exports to several countries across the world, ranging from the Dominican Republic to Italy and from Romania to Greece. Offering public transportation and commercial vehicles for the mobility needs of our age from its two factories located in Bursa for the last 50+ years since its establishment, Karsan recently made an export to Azerbaijan. The latest sale by Karsan, which started an overseas expansion initiative in 2017 and which has been making its deliveries in that regard, was the delivery of 26 Jest+ model buses to the Sumqayit City in Azerbaijan.  


$75 million in exports in 9 months!

Karsan made a name for itself by selling vehicles to many countries in Europe and the rest of the world, in particular to Italy, Germany, France and Spain. In this scope, it created an export volume of over 75 million dollars in the first 9 months of this year. Karsan Jest+ offers a comfortable journey for every passenger with its low floor, wide and stepless passenger door that speed up entry and exit, ramp system, large interior space, panoramic windows, and numerous additional features. Thanks to its Euro 5 engine and 6-speed (forward) transmission, Karsan Jest+ ensures excellent performance coupled with fuel economy while also helping achieve the best efficiency due to its quiet and hardworking build. 


Not only does Jest+ bring about a competitive advantage on account of its low maintenance costs; it also copes with the toughest maneuvers even in a congested traffic in the heart of the city thanks to its low turning radius.