The BMW Factory Uses Karsan Jest to Transport Their Personnel! | Karsan

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04 Липень 2020

Jest Electric:
At the Heart of the Greenest Operations!

Jest Electric, made by Karsan, the Turkish manufacturer and provider of contemporary transportation solutions, and equipped with BMW's "i" line of engine and battery technology, is ever the favorite carrier of distinguished European transportation companies. The last milestone achieved by Karsan Jest Electric is becoming the means BMW now use to transport their factory personnel in Germany. Delivered by Quantron, Karsan's dealer in Germany, the new Jest Electrics became the new carriers of BMW personnel in the Munich Campus.

Steadily on the way to becoming a global brand, the Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer Karsan has become the consistent choice in Europe and one of the reasons is Jest Electric, with its unique dimensions, fully electric and zeroemission engine and battery which run on the superior BMW i technology. Quantron, Karsan's dealer in Germany, delivered one Jest Electric to BMW for
personnel transportation for personnel transportation in the Munich Campus. Technical and drive training were provided to BMW officers by Quantron and then in no time, Jest Electric started its green operation in the BMW factory.

Compact and electric: Jest Electric

The 6-meter low-floored Jest Electric is equipped with a BMW electric motor producing 170 HP power and 290 Nm torque with optional 44 or 88 kWh batteries again made possible by BMW.  Offering the best performance in the 6-meter bus class with a range of up to 210 km, the Jest Electric also boasts a regenerative braking system which provides energy recovery by enabling the batteries to self-recharge at a rate of 25%. Standing out with its high maneuverability, large interior space, agility on narrow streets thanks to its compact size, dynamic design, and unparalleled
climbing performance, Karsan’s Jest Electric is ready to carry you to the future in a quiet journey. Decorated with a 10.1-inch multimedia touchscreen, fully digital dashboard, keyless go, and USB ports as well as an optional WiFi compatible infrastructure, Karsan’s Jest Electric does not come short in terms of comfort compared to passenger cars thanks to its 4-wheel independent suspension system.