13 Березень 2020


Karsan Delivers Twenty-Seven Atak Buses to the Metropolitan Municipality of Tekirdağ!

Offering modern solutions to cities with its proprietary public transportation systems, commercial vehicle manufacturer Karsan delivered 27 Atak buses to Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality. Company officials from Karsan and many high-ranking municipal staff members attended the delivery ceremony held at the Civil Works Department of the Municipality. At his speech, Kadir Albayrak, Mayor of Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, emphasized that they went for a comfortable, barrier-free and reliable brand for the residents of the Süleymanpaşa district of Tekirdağ. 

Offering transportation solutions that meet today’s mobility needs in its factory located in Bursa, commercial vehicle manufacturer Karsan continues to be the choice of the cities that are renewing their fleets. Lastly, Karsan delivered twenty-seven of its second-generation Atak buses, which are one of the most important members of the 8-meter bus class, to Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality. Many company officials from Karsan and high-ranking members of the municipality took parts at the delivery ceremony. 

In his speech at the ceremony, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Albayrak emphasized that a new era had started in the Süleymanpaşa district and that they went for a comfortable, barrier-free, accessible and reliable brand for residents. Commenting on the deliveries, Karsan Commercial Affairs Deputy General Manager Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu stated that, Atak, which became a pioneer in the industry by creating the 8 meter class, continued to be popular with customers with its new appearance, as well as its experience, robustness and fuel savings. 

Atak makes a difference with its size, comfort and performance

Focusing on maximum efficiency in urban public transportation, Karsan Atak introduces a modern appearance with its brand-new exterior design and LED daytime running lamps while raising the bar further in passenger comfort with its new driver’s cab equipped with cutting-edge technology. Atak reduces maintenance costs with its three-piece front bumper; its tilting chassis, disabled ramp and USB ports also make life easier for passengers. Generating 186 HP power and 680 Nm torque, the 4.5-liter FPT NEF4 turbo diesel engine of the new Atak continues to deliver excellent performance. Featuring the Euro VI emission level, the engine has been designed with cutting-edge technology in keeping with the company’s commitment to eco-friendly policies.