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16 August 2019

Karsan has been awarded the “Research and Development Centre” title with its Projects on Innovative Technologies!


Research and Development Centre Title Awarded to Karsan!


Taking firm steps towards becoming a globally accomplished brand, Karsan, a local producer of vehicles, adds another chapter to its success story through faithful pursuit of its mission to be a close follower of new technologies and develop projects in that regard, not compromising its core value of innovation and progress since its foundation half a century ago. In that context, Karsan has been awarded the “Research and Development Center” title by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Karsan will be able to benefit from the incentives granted to R & D Centers following thanks to the award. Speaking on the topic, Karsan CEO Okan Baş said the following : “The defining technology of the next ten years will be electric and autonomous vehicles. Seeing that trend, Karsan went through a process of redesign to carry out research and development activities on innovative technologies and develop products that will make their mark on the next 10 - 15 years. And it is exactly with a view to that kind of forward-looking perspective that we have founded our research and development center”.

Producing modern public transport and commercial vehicles that can meet the mobility needs of the era in its factory in Bursa, Karsan achieved another remarkable success with its innovative approaches that focus on keeping up with the pace of new technologies and carrying out projects in that regard. In that regard, Karsan’s application to the Ministry of Industry and Technology to get official recognition as a research and development center has been accepted. With the Ministry’s decision following inspections, Karsan has earned the right to benefit from the incentives and exemptions granted to research and development centers.

Delivering his opinions on the topic, Karsan CEO Okan Baş underscored the fact that the technology of the next ten years would be defined by electric and autonomous vehicles. Emphasizing that Karsan’s primary focus will be on developing such technologies, Baş said: “Our determined approach with regards to innovation manifests itself in the shape of our new line of vehicles, Jest Electric and Atak Electric. Karsan has redefined its corporate strategy to give more weight to such technologies.

We have gone through a process a redesign, so to say, to develop the products of the next 10 - 15 years by carrying on with our research and development activities.  And on the basis of these goals, we have founded our research and development center. We believe this reward will prove to be a vital impetus that pushes us to keep up the work we have been doing.”

A focus on new technologies!

With this certificate of recognition, Karsan will be giving more weight to designing new projects, developing new technologies, getting patent rights for its innovative ideas and utilizing them in its projects. Flexing its innovative prowess on the global stage through its brand-new line of two electric vehicles, Karsan will be especially focusing on its innovative technologies for electric vehicles.

Placing importance on projects co-managed by universities and private companies, Karsan will be concentrating on more value - added products and activities through projects  with subsidiary industries and other research and development centers. Karson is also making plans for contributing to the efforts of subsidiary industries to develop new technologies to support their progress forward.