01 Серпень 2019

Galați Municipality has ordered 20 Jest + Minibuses!

Carrying out its manufacturing activities in Bursa, Karsan is one of the Turkish brands that export the highest number of light commercial vehicles and is preferred by European countries for its diesel and electric public transport solutions tailored to different needs. Karsan has especially strengthened its brand recognition and services in Romania over the last year with the highly profitable tenders it has won and the vehicles it has delivered. Standing out for its innovative product range, Karsan has also received 20 orders from the city of Galați for Jest+ minibuses. Of the Jest+ orders from the Municipality of Galați, one Jest+ will be delivered in October for a 2-week test drive while the remaining 19 will be delivered by the middle of January 2020. 

Karsan, Turkey’s top domestic producer, continues to be the brand of choice for European municipalities and public transport fleets. Offering modern solutions with its diverse product range and maintaining its steady European export figures, Karsan in its latest initiative has received 20 orders for Jest+ minibuses from Galați located in the east of Romania. The orders for Jest+ which are expected to be delivered by the middle of January 2020 will begin in October with the delivery of one Jest+ for a 2-week test drive that will take place in the city of Galați. 

Jest+ brings comfort and efficiency along with it 

With their size and carrying capacity, Jest minibuses have changed western countries’ perspective of public transport. As for the diesel Jest+ which will be delivered to Romania, these minibuses offer perfect performance and fuel economy with their Euro 6 engines and 6 forward gearbox while at the same time ensuring a safe and comfortable drive thanks to features such as a LED monitor, a 5-camera video monitoring and recording system, validator preparation and a GPS fleet tracking system.