08 Σεπτέμβριος 2020

A Massive Fleet of Jest + Vehicles for Düzce/Turkey by Karsan!
114 Jest + Vehicles Delivered to the Municipality of Düzce!

Offering modern solutions with its engineered public transportation systems, the local manufacturer Karsan continues to contribute to the transportation requirements of cities. In a recently signed deal with the Municipality of Düzce that involves the sale of 114 Jest + vehicles, Karsan has so far delivered 100 of them, marking the beginning of a great project.

Offering transportation solutions that meet today’s mobility needs in its factory located in Bursa, Karsan continues to be the choice of cities that wish to renew and strengthen their fleet of vehicles. The Municipality of Düzce is a recent welcome addition to our repertoire of customers, having purchased 114 Jest + vehicles. 100 of the ordered vehicles were delivered to the customer at a delivery ceremony where strict public health measures were taken.

Commenting on the deal, the Deputy General Director of Karsan Commercial Affairs, Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu, mentioned that the Municipality of Düzce had demonstrated its trust in the brand with this large-volume purchase, as a first-time buyer. Arpacıoğlu said: "We continue to provide solutions for urban transport with our innovative and competitive edge, through our delivery of a large fleet of 114 vehicles that will soon be visible in the streets of Düzce. Both the trust that the Karsan brand inspires and the various advantages our Jest + vehicles offer in terms of urban transport, played a role in the decision of the Düzce Municipality.”

Safe and comfortable travel with Jest+!
Offering significant advantages in accident prevention with its hill-start assist and lane keeping support system, Jest+ also stands out with its low-floordesign, which is convenient for people with disabilities. Not only does Jest+ bring about a competitive advantage on account of its low maintenance costs; it also copes with the toughest maneuvers even in a congested traffic in the heart of the city thanks to its low turning radius.




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