14 juni 2021

Another Win for Karsan: Electric Bus Tender of Weilheim, Germany!

Germany’s Transportation Network 
Continues to be Electrified with Karsan!

Karsan to Deliver Five Atak Electric Buses
to Weilheim, Germany

Offering transportation solutions for the mobility needs of the century in, Karsan was awarded the tender held in Weilheim, Germany for electric buses. Karsan placed the best bid for the tender which was held to introduce the city’s mass transportation to more modern and more eco-friendly and user-friendly vehicles, and after winning the tender the company signed the agreement through Quantron AG - its dealer in Germany. Meeting the tender criteria regarding vehicle properties with great success and placing the best bid, Karsan is now getting ready to deliver five fully electric-powered Atak Electric buses to the Municipality of Weilheim in the last quarter of the year.

Offering modern mass transportation solutions to cities, Karsan continues to expand its electric bus fleet in Europe. In addition to its nearly 200 electric vehicles serving in 30 European cities, Karsan added a new chapter to its success story, winning the tender for electric buses recently held in Weilheim, Germany for a more eco-friendly and sustainable transportation. Karsan participated in the tender through its German dealer Quantron AG, where Karsan not only placed the best bid, but also successfully met the tender standards for the electric busesto be used in the city including the requirement of a daily range of at least 250 km per bus, and the criteria regarding storage and charging. As a result of the tender which was held to help Weilheim replace its diesel transportation vehicles with eco-friendly and electric city busesin accordance with the “2022 City Bus Concept” efforts by the Municipality of Weilheim, Karsan will provide the city with five fully electric-powered Atak Electric buses in the last quarter of the year.  

Atak Electric offers a range of 300 km

Atak Electric comes with brand-new and dynamic front and rear lines, and creates a striking look with its LED daytime running lamps. The motor at the heart of the Atak Electric vehicle generates 230 kW engine power and 2.500 Nm torque, providing users with a high performance driving experience. Running on a total 220 kWh capacity with five 44-kWh batteries developed by BMW, the 8-meter Atak Electric boasts a unique 300 km range to outpace its rivals. Moreover, the vehicle’s batteries can be charged in 5 hours with AC charging, and in 3 hours with fast-charging units. A regenerative braking system also recycles power which enables the batteries to self-recharge up to 25%. The model comes with two seating layout options, 18+4 or 21+4 foldable for a capacity of 52 passengers.