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All documents on the website belonging to Karsan Otomotiv ("Karsan Otomotiv") are the property of Karsan Otomotiv and all copyright and other intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as the rights to all written, pictorial, audial, visual and electronic materials belonging to Karsan Otomotiv, the Kıraça Group of Companies or to other third-party individuals and organizations, remain reserved. The presence of such materials on the website may not be interpreted as having received authorization, license or permission for use. These materials cannot be copied, duplicated, reproduced or used in any way without the written permission of Karsan. Karsan may permit the copying of this type of material (wallpaper, screen savers, advertising films, etc.) onto personal computers for professional or non-commercial use. Legal responsibility arising from the use of any of the materials on this website in any way that violates related intellectual and industrial property rights lies with the user committing the violation.

If you wish to create a link to the website, this link should be directed to the Karsan corporate homepage (en.karsan.com.tr). Although all available measures have been taken to free the Karsan Otomotiv website from viruses and bugs, the user is responsible for ensuring end-use security by maintaining an appropriate anti-virus system and other necessary protective software. In this context, by accessing the Karsan Otomotiv website, the user accepts responsibility for all errors or results arising from these errors due to the user’s own software and processing systems.

Every kind of information on prices, data, images, explanations and news (“Information”) provided on the Karsan Otomotiv website is provided for promotional purposes and to inform the user. The user may not in any way whatsoever claim that the Information on the website is erroneous or that loss has been incurred due to this Information. Whenever the User has the intention of carrying out a transaction, referencing it on said Information, the User accepts that the final and most reliable data is to be obtained from Karsan Otomotiv Authorized Dealers and that Karsan Otomotiv bears no liability whatsoever for the failure of the website to have published updated information.

Karsan Otomotiv, at its own discretion, reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time, to modify or terminate any kind of service provided to users and to delete user information and data stored in the Karsan Otomotiv website. Although Karsan Otomotiv has taken every measure to produce a faultless website, no guarantee is offered that it is or will be free of error in future.

Information on the Karsan Otomotiv website constitutes the data on Karsan Otomotiv authorized dealers, Karsan brand vehicle standard and optional features and sales prices recommended to authorized dealers that were effective on the last update. We request that you contact Karsan Otomotiv and/or Karsan Otomotiv authorized dealers to find out about the latest data concerning vehicles and Karsan Otomotiv authorized dealerships. In this context, Karsan Otomotiv hereby declares that none of the information on the website (unless otherwise specified) constitutes an offer of sales or any kind of commitment on the part of Karsan Otomotiv. Karsan may make changes in prices, types and specifications of vehicles without prior notice.

In the event that a criminal complaint or request for an investigation is received from the official authorities about a particular user and/or if it should be found that the user has engaged in electronic sabotage or attack in order to hinder the operation of Karsan Otomotiv systems, Karsan Otomotiv reserves the right to investigate the user’s identification profile and make a report to the authorities.

Karsan Otomotiv may collect information on you directly (based on information you yourself provide) or indirectly (from web access records) whenever you access the website.

Unless you provide it at your own will, Karsan Otomotiv will not collect personal identification data (that is, name, address, phone number or e-mail address) (“Personal Data”). If you provide Karsan Otomotiv with Personal Data, Karsan Otomotiv will store this information to be used in the future for the purposes of marketing, market research, monitoring of sales information and to contact you. In addition, Karsan Otomotiv may transfer this information to other international company groups in its own organization and to its authorized dealers. When you provide Personal Data that is not requested, you acknowledge and accept that this information can be used by us in the manner described on this website.

Filling out the User Registration Form does not give the user any right or any claim to rights or vested interest regarding any application. Should there be missing, incorrect or invalid information on the Registration Form, no claim can be made with regard to the marketing or promotional programs that Karsan and/or its Authorized Dealers may organize at their own discretion.

Due to the intrinsic nature of the Internet, data may circulate without adequate security measures taken and may fall into the hands of unauthorized people who may use the data. Karsan Otomotiv assumes no responsibility for such use or for any losses that may accordingly ensue.

Under some circumstances, some non-private information may be gathered. Examples of this might be the type of your Internet browser, your processing system, or the name of the domain through which you accessed the link to or announcement for our website.

When you visit the website, some information may be deposited in your computer. This information may be in "cookie" format or in similar files and will be of help to us in many ways. First, cookies allow us to organize the websites and advertisements according to your areas of interest and preferences. Almost all Internet browsers give you choices to enable you to erase cookies from your hard disk, prevent their downloading or to have an alert given before they are recorded in your system. For more information on this, consult the Help files of your browser and search the instructions for usage.

In disputes that may arise between users and Karsan Otomotiv, the written (printed) and electronic records of Karsan Otomotiv will be accepted as exclusive evidence.

Our website was established and operates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Turkish laws shall be applicable to and the Turkish courts shall have jurisdiction over any disputes regarding the website.

By accessing the Karsan Otomotiv website, the user accepts the above conditions.

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