02 ноември 2020

Karsan to deliver 73 CNG-Fueled
Menarinibus Citymood Buses to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality!

Karsan won the tender opened by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality to improve urban transportation and use more environmentally friendly buses. Distinguished from its competitors with a product range suitable for any given city, and environmentally friendly solutions, Karsan will deliver a total of 73 CNG-fueled Menarinibus Citymoods to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality as part of the tender. 63 of the CNG (natural gas) buses, which will be delivered and put in use for the residents of Mersin, will be 12-meter models and 10 of them will be 18-meter-long articulated models.

Offering modern solutions that can be adapted to every city with its public transportation systems, Karsan won the tender opened by the Department of Transportation of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for 73 buses to improve urban transportation and use more environmentally friendly buses. As part of the tender, Karsan will deliver 63 12-meter model and 10 18-meter articulated Menarinibus Citymood buses with CNG (natural gas) to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. In line with the result of the tender, according to which warranty, maintenance, repair and all cleaning procedures are to be undertaken by Karsan for 2 years, a total of 73 Menarinibus Citymoods will be put into the service of the residents of Mersin in 2021. During the signing, Head of Department of Transportation, Ersan Topçuoğlu and Karsan Sales Manager, Adem Ali Metin, expressed their hopes for the contract to be beneficial to the people of Mersin. In a statement on the subject, Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu, Deputy General Manager of Commercial Affairs of Karsan, said, “We are happy to have won the tender in Mersin, one of the beautiful cities of the Mediterranean coastline with a historical and modern texture, with our 12 and 18-meter Menarinibus Citymood buses. We are excited to provide full operation services including cleaning, maintenance and repair work for 73 vehicles, in Mersin this time around. Despite the circumstances altered by the pandemic, we will continue to get good results with to our experience in the market and our undivided attention.”

Low fuel consumption and maximum comfort in Menarinibus Citymood

Offering low fuel consumption and low operational costs, CNG-fueled 12-m Menarinibus Citymood turns urban transportation into a pleasurable experience with its low-floor structure, independent front suspension and outstanding convenience, while providing drivers with operational comfort with a fully digital display with a diagnostic feature, wide angle of visibility and automatic transmission. The FPT CURSOR 8 CNG engine of Menarinibus Citymood, with a cylinder volume of 7.8 liters in compliance with the environmentally friendly Euro 6 norms, offers users 243 kW of power and a maximum torque of 1,300 Nm. The 18-meter-long articulated Menarinibus Citymood, which adds a unique dimension to urban transportation with 36 fixed seats and a total passenger capacity of 137, provides service at maximum capacity by expanding the comfort area.


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