The vehicle is under KARSAN's warranty against the production faults for 2 years/200.000 km from the date of delivery to final customer by KARSAN. The warranty conditions shall prevail in all cases except for the conditions of use and road conditions, provided that all periodic maintenance and repair procedures specified in the user manual are carried out completely. If the maintenance period is exceeded, the specified minimum maintenance interval is the interval specified in the user's manual.

Vehicle Warranty includes rust warranty and paint warranty. The paint warranty gives you 2 years from the date of delivery of your vehicle against paint faults resulting from the manufacture of vehicle bodies. With the rust warranty, your car is safe for 2 years against corrosion.


In order to benefit from the warranty, periodic maintenance must be done on time and at specified kilometers. If any faults would occur during the maintenance and repair that will be carried out aside from Karsan Authorized Services due to the deficiency or workmanship particularly, we would like to remind you that defects that may be experienced as a result of this incomplete or faulty work, will not be covered by the vehicle warranty.

Any consumables (fuel, oil, filters, windshield wiper broom, etc.) specified in the user manual, engine, injector and fuel system malfunctions due to faulty or dirty fuel usage, malfunctions due to usage of faulty or contaminated oil, antifreeze, hydraulic etc., and life-limited parts (clutch release bearing 'bottom center', front and rear hub and bearings, light bulbs, lighting and signal glasses, spring bushing and other rubber mountings) are not covered by the warranty.

Parts such as tires, clutches pressure mechanism and plate, shock absorbers, brake pads and discs, belts, tie rod-tie rod end, silentblock, ball and roller bearings, etc. are parts that wear off, wear out, wear down or complete their lifetime due to normal usage. During periodic maintenance it is foreseen to perform replacement and repair operations of these parts with new ones. Parts that are not replaced during these periods are considered outside the scope of vehicle warranty. The main causes of engine and turbo malfunctions are usage of poor quality diesel oil (fuel), polluted or non-standard motor oil, contaminated/blocked air and oil filters, and spare parts that does not have the approval of the manufacturer. 


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