Quality Policy


We,  as  Karsan  Otomotiv  A.Ş.,  adopt  continuous  development  of  PRODUCT  QUALITY  by prioritizing PRODUCT SAFETY through the vision of becoming the most valued company of its class in our country and preferred in the Global Markets,  in order to provide  creative, sustainable and inspiring solutions and suggestions to the customer needs in the world land transportation market.  
Working with our customers, employees and suppliers and all our stakeholders in accordance 
with the following principles is our main duty and responsibility; 
Customer Satisfaction
To  achieve  perfection  with  continuous  improvement  approach  by  increasing  quality  and 
effectiveness  in  our  processes  that  were  created  for  the  purpose  of  meeting  the 
expectations of domestic and foreign customers to an international competitive level, 
Quality Approach 
With the on-site quality system that does not allow errors, aiming to do the right thing at the first time, and thus perform high-efficiency production; To have the quality approach and  competence to keep and maintain product quality at the desired level by standardizing products and processes, 
Participation of Employees 
Progressing in line with same objective together with all employees with the approach of management  with  objectives,  keeping  the  teamwork  spirit  alive  by providing effective communication. 
Contribute to development of technical and behavioral skills of employees through training support,

Process Efficiency
To work effectively and efficiently with the Lean Management approach in all processes and  based on data,
As Karsan Otomotiv A.Ş., we are committed to maintaining and continuously improving our Quality Management System that we have established in order to ensure that all our processes are managed and standardized. 

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ISO - 9001 - AKÇALAR

ISO - 9001 - EUROPE - SRL

ISO - 9001 - OSB

IATF - 16949 - OSB

IATF - 16949 - HOSAB


Environment and Climate Change Policy

The environment management system that Karsan has built keeps all factors in production and services that may have an impact on the environment under control, consistently improving environmental performance and in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Karsan was awarded a BVQI certificate on January 27, 2004 and an ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems Certificate by the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) on February 24, 2004.

The company’s household and industrial waste water treatment facilities, equipped with the latest technologies, are completely automatic and all process parameters are automatically recorded and monitored. The fully equipped environment laboratory carries out the analysis and control of waste waters according to relevant regulations and discharge standards.

The chimney gases incineration facility established in line with emission standards on air pollution and pollution sources prevents the concentration of pollutants from being released into the environment. The energy generated through the incineration is channeled into heating the surface processing baths so that besides reducing environmental impact, the efficient use of energy and natural gases is also maintained.

Karsan has also established a collection and control system for the hazardous wastes that are the result of production activities. By channeling the leakage of water from the chemicals warehousing and hazardous wastes areas into the water treatment facility, the risks created by water accumulating underground and in the soil are minimized.

Continuing to work to reduce the adverse effects on the environment of the production process itself and of the products over the course of their lifetime, Karsan keeps the issue of respect for the environment in the forefront of its activities.

Our Environment Policy
To protect and sustain the environment by complying with all environmental laws and regulations, keeping environmental impact under control, reducing adverse effects, continuously improving environmental performance, increasing environmental awareness and, by reaching “Operational Excellence” in all production operations, to leave a clean environment behind for future generations.

Karsan Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. plans to implement this policy by doing the following:

  • Ensuring that all legal requirements as well as the requirements of the customer concerning the environment are fulfilled while aiming for continuous growth and improvement,
  • Within the technical and economic options available, using the most suitable technologies that are the least damaging to the environment, reducing the use of raw materials, and protecting natural resources,
  • Always considering environmental impact in the design of facilities and processes,
  • Developing our environment management system so that our environmental performance is continuously improved,
  • Fostering awareness among our employees, sub-contractors and community on our responsibilities toward the environment, and ensuring their participation,
  • Being in constant contact with suppliers and customers to work together to improve on the environmental impact of our products,
  • Reducing the amount of wastes resulting from production, shipping, warehousing, operations, treatment and maintenance activities and creating recycling and re-use alternatives,
  • Diminishing the risks related to emergencies specified in the Employee Occupational Health and Safety regulations, and creating an integrated environment of health, safety and environmental integrity.

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TS - EN -İSO - 14001:2023


Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Occupational Safety before an accident.

Accepting that Karsan’s most valuable asset is the people that work in all of its divisions, our aim is to reach excellence in providing our employees, guests and subcontractors a safe and secure working environment that is bolstered with continuous improvement . 

The activities through which Karsan plans to implement the Occupational Health and Safety (İSG) policy are the following: 

  • Assessing all hazards and taking protective measures to reduce the effects of possible risks,
  • Training our employees about İSG to increase their awareness about these issues,
  • Ensuring everyone’s participation in continuously developing and improving our management system,
  • Taking the necessary measures to be prepared for emergencies,
  • Fulfilling all conditions required by law. 

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TSE - İSG - OHSAS - TS - 18001            


IQNET-TS - 18001-2014-


Information Security Policy


KARSAN OTOMOTİV SAN. VE TİC A.Ş. (KARSAN) and KARSAN OTOMOTİV SAN. MAMÜLLERİ PAZARLAMA A.Ş. (KOP) consider corporate and personal information as a highly valuable asset. Therefore, information assets and business systems are critically important in terms of our business and should be protected accordingly.


The purpose of Information Security and this Policy is to ensure that the information assets of to KARSAN and KOP stay with the authorized people and the presence of "Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility of Information Assets".  


Regardless of their positions or duties, all KARSAN and KOP personnel are obliged to abide by the principles of protection of information assets covered in the Employee Manual.


Third party partners and their affiliated support personnel who have access to KARSAN and KOP information are required to abide by the general principles of Information Security Policy and other security rules and obligations they are required to comply.


All employees are expected to ensure the following.


  • Continuous maintenance of Confidentiality, Integrity and Accessibility of information assets of KARSAN and KOP.
  • Taking measures to eliminate loss, deformation or misuse of information assets of KARSAN and KOP.
  • Ensuring the scope, content and application of Information Security standards to be sufficient to address the risk level that KARSAN and KOP is facing and compliance with legal, regulatory, policy and best practices.


KIRAÇA Information Systems Department is the functional owner of policy and procedures describing the operations of Information Systems, and is responsible of application of these in KARSAN and KOP.  

Everyone is responsible for taking required measures to ensure compliance with the Information Security Policy and supervising the system at the primary level.


The principles of the Information Security Policy are applied in line with the Employee Manual.  Violations of the Information Security Policy are also a violation of the code of ethics and may result in disciplinary action. Violations of Information Security identified as a result of supervision,  inspection or notification may result in disciplinary actions which may lead to termination of employment.


Working together on the implementation of this policy is important for the continuous protection of our information assets and reputation and the continuity of our business success.

Okan BAŞ


ISO/IEC 27001
Karsan Information Security Policy



Human Resources Policy


Armed with the "Human-Oriented Approach" principle at every stage of production and management, and aiming to grow with its employees and all other stakeholders, our company is committed to

  • ensuring that staffing needs are met in line with current and future staffing plans,
  • taking as reference Karsan's values and principles when making new staff decisions, using techniques such as competency based interview, technical interview, foreign language test, personality inventory, reference check, to put the best candidates on the job,
  • not discriminating against people in any way (religion, language, race, gender) with employment decisions, promotions and contract terminations, to employing staff on the basis of their qualifications and merits and being just with its wage, side benefit and promotion policy,
  • respecting the rights of workers to join trade unions and bargain collectively,
  • not employing workers under the age of 18, acting in accordance with the procedures around employing young workers, not allowing forced or involuntary work,
  • complying with the daily and weekly working hours and rest times stipulated by the law and the collective agreement,
  • creating a transparent workplace where meaningful conversation take place, fostering a work environment that supports teamwork, employee engagement and collaboration,
  • investing in its human resources and monitoring their progress, with practices based on continuous professional development in line with the company's strategy and objectives,
  • assessing staff performance with a systematic and objective approach and creating an environment that promotes the sharing of constructive feedback,
  • creating an environment where employees can develop themselves and determine their career goals in line with company requirements,
  • operating a fair wage and award and recognition policy with systematic and objective approaches,
  • measuring employee satisfaction levels, continuously helping staff develop their skills/competencies according to the company's expectations and creating a working environment where staff motivation is kept high,
  • initiating innovative approaches, creating new systems and monitoring their efficiency, with a solution and results-oriented approach to human resource management,
  • complying with applicable national legislation, standards published by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations Conventions, ensuring continuity of such compliance and continuously improving company practices,

which it believes are the underlying principles of HR management. These principles apply to all HR processes.

ELV (End-of-Life Vehicles) Delivery Site


ELV Delivery Site List



Gender Equality Policy

With the slogan of “Positive Equality in Karsan,” by pledging to act in accordance with Women's Empowerment Principles, our company is committed to increasing awareness in all our employees regarding gender equality in their social and work lives and to making it a part of the work culture, in addition to

  • implementing, executing, and maintaining gender equality practices and the Positive Equality Plan with the help of the Positive Equality Committee, formed of the representatives of different departments within the company,
  • acknowledging and considering gender equality as a horizontal policy area in all activities of the company,
  • not making any discrimination (by religion, language, race, gender) during recruitment, employment, promotion, development, career processes and, dismissals, employing according to the requirements of the job and skills exhibited,
  • implementing and improving the principles of "equal pay for equal work" and "equal say" based on the principle of equality without gender discrimination,
  • promoting a healthy and safe work environment free from all kinds of violence, harassment, and threats,
  • avoiding sexism and discrimination in the language used both internally and externally, organizing training and cultivating awareness for employees to adopt a gender-inclusive language,
  • raising awareness among its employees and suppliers on gender equality by training and other means, disseminating information on this subject,
  • raising awareness among employees' families and in public about gender equality through the employees by organizing training events and activities,
  • carrying out activities across national and international platforms for the benefit of gender equality, assuming a leading/guiding role in the industry, and developing constructive and cooperative relations with public institutions, non-governmental and related organizations,

and complying with this policy and ensuring its sustainability by implementing structural, systematic, and behavioral reforms regarding gender equality.

Okan BAŞ


Policy on Zero Tolerance for Violence

Karsan acknowledges that violence and harassment in the workplace are violations of human rights affecting everyone and threats to equality of opportunity incompatible with humane work, and that gender-based violence and harassment, including domestic violence, disproportionately affect women and girls. It is aware that an inclusive and integrated approach addressing the root cause and risk factors (including multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, unequal gender-based power relations, and stereotypes) is essential to eliminate all forms of violence and harassment in the world of work. Therefore, it adopts a “Zero Tolerance for Violence” approach and pledges to act within the framework of the articles this policy document is consists of.

Our company is committed;

  • to taking precautions against violence and harassment that is work-related or caused by the work, and that occurs in the workplace and in any work-related environment (business travels, training, events, and social activities, business communications, on the way to and from work), based on the fact that violence and harassment in work life affect a person's psychological, physical and sexual health, dignity, and family and social environments,
  • to promoting a work culture based on mutual respect and human dignity to prevent violence and harassment and to creating a healthy and non-violent working environment for employees,
  • to raising awareness among and training its employees, their families, and its business partners by organizing various training events and activities on all kinds of violence and harassment in work life and at home, and prevention and protection methods,
  • to taking precautions by identifying the dangers pertaining to violence and harassment and evaluating the risks in cooperation with its representatives and employees, to establishing the necessary mechanisms that ensure the protection of privacy and confidentiality in occupational health and safety management, including domestic violence,
  • to cooperating with non-governmental and other relevant institutions and organizations to establish mechanisms where employees who experience domestic violence can receive support, and to providing the necessary information, guidance, and support for a solution while respecting the privacy of employees,
  • to establishing efficient complaint, investigation, counseling, support, and compensation mechanisms that uphold confidentiality and impartiality in case of violence and harassment in the workplace,
  • to assuming a leading/guiding role in the industry with a gender-sensitive approach to end violence and harassment in work life and at home, and to developing constructive and cooperative relationships with public institutions, non-governmental and other related organizations

Okan BAŞ



Energy Policy

Karsan Otomotiv Sanayii ve Ticaret A.Ş.(Karsan Automotive) is committed to reducing its energy consumption and costs and increasing its long-term environmental and economic sustainability. Acting on the principle "Save your energy for a rainy day", to achieve these goals, it is committed to;

  1. Continuously improving its energy performance by continuously reducing its energy consumption in its production and distribution activities,
  2. Using information and resources effectively to achieve its goals and objectives,
  3. Highlighting energy performance in purchasing decisions, product development, process design and facility design,
  4. Implementing contingency plans to safeguard itself against power outages during production,
  5. Encouraging its staff to use energy more efficiently in their work and when carrying out non-work activities,
  6. Promoting the use of renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomass energy, etc.),
  7. Promoting the use of renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomass energy, etc.),
  8. Regular reporting on the energy goals and objectives in the facilities to the management, planning and implementation of the corresponding measures and activities.

Employee Responsibilities


  1. Making efforts to reduce or eliminate energy losses across factory operations,
  2. Avoiding using unnecessary energy-consuming equipment for office work and production activities,
  3. Understanding, complying with and supporting Karsan Automotive's general energy policies and practices

Okan BAŞ


Codes of Conduct


Karsan offers the world sustainable solutions in the commercial vehicle industry capable of moving forward with innovative ideas. We want to fulfill our responsibilities in the name of creating a fair, transparent and sustainable future with our technologies, trustworthy partnerships and inspiring solutions.

We embraced and put in place various procedures to strengthen compliance in order to create an effective management system, and these procedures are the principles that guide all our employees to make the right decisions. We want to make sure that all employees take personal responsibility and act ethically.

I believe we can move the needle on ethical compliance by following the regulations and procedures closely.

Karsan will continue to provide creative, sustainable and inspiring solutions to become Turkey's most valuable company and gain recognition in global markets.

Thank you.

Okan Baş


Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy


The purpose of this Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, developed as an integral part of KARSAN's Ethical Principles and Sustainability Objectives, is to lay out KARSAN's obligations to prevent bribery and corruption in all its activities, to provide the necessary information, to set out its responsibilities and the respective rules/requirements and to share them with all stakeholders, in accordance with the relevant legislation and national and international ethical values.


This policy applies to board members and executives, all KARSAN employees, shareholders, subcontractors/suppliers, companies providing consulting and auditing services, including but not limited to all other stakeholders with whom the company has a business and social relationship.

The policy also applies to all companies, joint ventures and partnerships in which KARSAN directly or indirectly holds more than 50% of the shares or voting rights. All aforecited companies must accept this policy, or implement a country-specific policy that strictly adheres to the principles of this policy.

All officials and employees in companies, joint ventures or partnerships in which KARSAN directly or indirectly holds shares but not more than 50% and does not have control through voting rights must be subject to rules, practices and procedures aligned with this Policy, and necessary action will be taken by KARSAN representatives to make sure that happens.



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